Do I need to boost personal oral care following cosmetic dentistry?

Do I need to boost personal oral care following cosmetic dentistry?

Looking after your teeth following cosmetic procedures.

Taking good care of your teeth and gums is important, with most people generally understanding this and brushing and flossing their teeth accordingly.

Occasionally though, we find that some patients who have had cosmetic dental procedures, don’t seem fully aware of the fact that they may need to improve, or at least adjust, their cleaning regimen to keep their new restoration or smile improvement healthy.

Below, we offer a general oral health care guide for a selection of the popular cosmetic dental treatments offered at Blue Sky Dental. However, you will receive comprehensive care advice for your own particular treatment when you attend your local dentists in Chelmsford.

Teeth Whitening – No change is required here regarding brushing and cleaning, and you should continue to follow the cleaning regimen advised by your dentist.

Dental implants – Having had a dental implant placed to replace a missing tooth, you will naturally want it to last for as long as possible. Because the visible part of your new replacement tooth is made from porcelain, it can be tempting to think that you don’t need to clean it. Whilst it is true that this tooth will not decay, there is a real risk of gum disease if you do not brush and clean between the teeth using floss or an interdental brush. If allowed to advance, gum disease can start to affect the bone into which the implant is placed, potentially causing it to become unstable and eventually fall out. Regular visits for implant after care are also important to make sure that all is well with your implant.

Dental Veneers – As above, special care needs to be taken to clean the tooth. It is especially important to remember to clean the parts of the tooth that you can’t see, as any fillings needed, caused by decay, may change the shape of the tooth causing problems with the fit of the veneer. You should also remember not to bite on hard objects (such as fingernails and pens) as this may cause the veneers to become detached. Should this happen, please contact our Chelmsford dental practice to have it assessed and potentially reattached.

Orthodontics – Most people want straight even teeth, but when using orthodontic appliances to straighten them, particles of food can become trapped. For this reason, it is important to pay extra attention when you clean your teeth. Whilst users of Invisalign braces, will not have this same problem, due to the ‘no wires’ design and removal for cleaning, good care should still be taken to clean the teeth and gums regularly and to keep the alignment trays clean too.

Whether you have had cosmetic dental treatment or not, we always advise patients of Blue Sky Dental to see our hygienist on a regular basis to help in the prevention of gum disease and for regular cleaning. If you have not seen a dental hygienist before, or perhaps have not attended for some time, why not call our Chelmsford dental practice on 01245 211070 to arrange an appointment?

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