Knowing who to choose and how to choose

It is difficult to know who to trust

It is difficult to know which practice to choose when considering cosmetic dental treatment. We have all heard horror stories and even read them in magazines and newspapers about people who have spent thousands on their teeth to be thoroughly disappointed with their new smile and in some cases being actually worse off than what they started with!

No matter the area you live in you are guaranteed to have at least a handful of dental practices all promising you the perfect smile but which one actually delivers?  You may even be tempted top go to London for your treatment.  We have all heard of Harley Street and associate it with having the best dentists and doctors around but does it really?  The truth is anyone can rent a room in Harley Street and the only way you will know who the right dentist for you is to do your research.

To be able to put your trust in someone is and should be a big thing.  You are relying on that person to listen to you, work with you and provide you with the smile you always dreamed you would have.

Tips when choosing a practice

  1. Shop around.  Most people already do this but for a different reason than I am about to say.  Many people shop around to get the cheapest treatment possible.  Although this is not a bad thing as budget is important with regards to your treatment, you should use this time to get a feel for the practice.  Your 1st impression is usually the right one.
  2. Make a list of questions you need to ask.  Often when it comes to the consultation we forget many of these questions and typically remember when we get home.
  3. Find out about the dentist who will be carrying out the treatment.  Ask about their qualifications and experience.
  4. Ask to see photos of their work – before and after.  A good cosmetic practice should have a portfolio all ready, with some even having a testimonial folder.  These are thank you letters from patient recommending the dentist.

The dentist you choose should start by carrying out a full examination of your teeth including x-rays.  A regular 5 minute appointment is not long enough to discuss the possible treatments, the procedures involved and your requirements for your new smile.  This appointment in some cases could take up to an hour.  A good dentist would also not consider cosmetic treatment if your mouth is unhealthy.  There is no point placing veneers or crowns if the actual foundations are unhealthy as the treatment will not last and would be a complete waste of money.

So why choose Blue Sky Dental for your treatment?

Well all the dentists that work with us are all specialists. They have experience and have trained in their field extensively.  Some of our dentists even train other dentists and one is even a Consultant at Guys Hospital.  You will never be pushed into treatment and we can even ‘mock up’ how your new smile will look before we even touch your teeth.

Why not speak to our Treatment Co-ordinator who can talk you through the different treatment options and payment plans. This consultation with her is complimentary, highly recommended and completely non obligatory.

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