A Smile Makeover For Xmas And The New Year?

A Smile Makeover For Xmas And The New Year?

Upgrade your smile ready for the new year ahead!

This time of the year is a strange one for many. The weather has started to turn colder and Christmas isn’t too far away, yet it doesn’t feel as close as perhaps the decorations in town suggest. There can be a sense of a lull during the next few weeks before the often frantic preparations for Christmas begin in earnest. This is a good time then, to take stock and consider changes that we would like to make in our lives when the new year comes (and even before).

With the festivities just a few weeks away, this is a popular time for many of our Chelmsford patients to take the opportunity to do what they can to look their best for the festive period. It needn’t stop there though. While we can help with some treatments that can improve your smile in the short period before Xmas, some treatments may take longer and you will see the benefits as the warmer weather arrives next year.

Let us take a look then at some of the treatments that we use in our Blue Sky Dental smile makeovers.

Teeth whitening

This is a treatment that can be completed before the Chrstmas festivities begin if you contact us soon enough. You will need to have a consultation with one of our experienced cosmetic dentists so that we can provide the most suitable treatment for your own circumstances. All treatments are carried out at home using a special kit especially designed for you. You will receive full advice on how to carry out this treatment and we are always on hand for any questions you have or advice that you might need. We also offer in house ‘top ups’ for those that want the whitest ‘celebrity smile’.

Dental veneers

Although these can be used for a number of purposes, including protecting sensitive teeth and even some minor orthodontic issues, perhaps their most popular use is to enable patients with badly stained teeth to have a great looking smile again. While a teeth whitening procedure is excellent for a lot of people, heavy smokers and others with badly stained teeth may get only limited benefits from it. Porcelain veneers can be used for these people, to replace the stained front surface of the teeth. They are also excellent where teeth are chipped or cracked. Bonding materials can also be used for this purpose but these do stain more easily and are often used as a temporary measure for this purpose.


The addition of a dental crown can improve a smile by providing a more even appearance where a tooth has previously suffered decay or has broken away. As well as providing the extra strength needed for the tooth to function correctly, it can provide aesthetic benefits too. They can also be used to lengthen the appearance of a tooth where appropriate.


While all of the above treatments can be completed in just a few weeks, or shorter, some cosmetic improvements do take more time. One of these is when you need to have your teeth straightened. This requires the tooth to be moved gently, so as not to damage it, and to cause the patient the least discomfort possible. Depending on the degree of straightening that needs to take place, this treatment can take anything from a few weeks to a year or more. Some people are deterred from having this treatment due to the fear of ‘ugly braces’. Even where wired orthodontics are required, the materials are much finer than they used to be and are made from tooth coloured materials to help them blend in naturally. For many treatments, clear aligners can be used which are almost transparent and invisible and are more convenient as they can be removed when eating meals and cleaning your teeth.

Dental implants

Although dental implants are not strictly a ‘cosmetic’ treatment and are often used to provide a stronger option that traditional dentures, there is little doubt that they are the most natural looking tooth replacement option available. Although dentures have improved over time, they are not for everyone and teeth implants provide a way of having a replacement tooth that also offers an artificial tooth root for extra stability, as well as looking great. The treatment time varies depending on the nature of the treatment needed. Individual implant treatment can take around three months to complete due to the osseointegration process where the implant fuses with the bone. However, full arch replacements, where implants are used to secure a dental bridge in place, can sometimes be completed in a much shorter period of time.

‘There is no time like the present’, as the saying goes, so why not give a little thought to how you would like your smile to really look? Once you have decided on the type of improvements you would like to see, our friendly and helpful team at Blue Sky Dental will be able to guide you along the best treatment pathway for you. To arrange to see one of the cosmetic dentists at our Chelmford clinic for an initial consultation, please call our reception team on 01245 211070 and they will be able to make an appointment for you.

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