Beautiful Teeth In Later Life? Here’s How At Blue Sky Dental….

How your Chelmsford dentists restore ageing teeth

Older people with great teethWhether this digital generation will do it or not, only time will tell, but some of us ‘not too oldies’ will still, from time to time, look at old photograph albums with friends and family and reminisce about the ‘old days’. Along with fond memories we will probably also laugh at some of the clothes we used to wear and the hairstyles we had.

There is also a reasonable chance that we will notice, but perhaps not mention, how much we have aged. One of the most noticeable changes, aside from hair loss, and especially in close up photos, is likely to be how much our teeth have changed. Teeth that were once so white and provided an attractive smile may now look the worse for wear, if they are even there at all!

We can’t regain our youth entirely, and some would argue that it is better to accept the age you are now, rather than hanker after ‘lost youth’. This doesn’t mean that we have to accept all aspects of ageing though and that includes the way that our teeth look. With cosmetic dental treatments improving all the time, it is now possible for you to have your smile restored at Blue Sky Dental.

Potential problems with older teeth

There are a number of things that can go wrong with our teeth as we get older. Many of us will already have had fillings because of tooth decay, and we may well have lost a tooth or two as well. In addition to this, there is the possibility of small chips and cracks on the teeth that people see when we smile.

If these problems seem insurmountable, they are not. In a relatively short period of time, we can help you have a fantastic looking smile once again. Treatments will vary from patient to patient of course, dependent on the issues involved. Below though, we look at a likely pathway to restoring teeth that have seen better days.

Oral health

Step one is always to make sure that you have a healthy mouth. There is little point in restoring your teeth if you have bad gum disease, for example. Any cavities will need to be filled and most patients will need to have their teeth and gums professionally cleaned by the hygienist at our Chelmsford dental clinic.

Once we are satisfied that we have done all we can to provide you with a healthy mouth, your treatment can begin.


We mentioned above that any decay would need to be removed and the cavity filled. This doesn’t mean that it has to spoil your smile though. Tooth coloured fillings are now available for most fillings and we can discuss your desired tooth whiteness at the end of the treatments and match the filling material accordingly.

Extractions and missing teeth

Some teeth may already have been lost but it is also possible that you may have teeth that have a very poor prognosis and would be very difficult, or even impossible, to restore satisfactorily. In these instances, we may recommend that they are extracted, allowing for an artificial tooth replacement to be placed instead. This often has practical benefits as well as cosmetic ones as a weak and damaged tooth can make eating quite difficult in many cases.

We will discuss your options for replacing any missing teeth which includes dentures, a bridge or dental implants.

Orthodontic treatment

Dental braces are not just for teenagers. These days, many mature patients have their teeth straightened to provide them with a straight and even smile. Modern orthodontics are much more discreet than older style braces and a wide range, including Inman Aligners and Invisalign, are available at Blue Sky Dental.

Crowns and veneers

Where a tooth is badly damaged and has become weakened, a dental crown is often a good solution. These are placed following the preparation of the tooth in question, so that the crown can be securely attached. This also has cosmetic benefits as well as practical ones. For relatively minor chips of the teeth, porcelain veneers may provide a better option. We will advise accordingly.

Teeth whitening

Once your teeth have been straightened, repaired or replaced, it is time for the final touches. Indeed, for some mature patients, this may be all that is necessary if they are fortunate enough to have otherwise healthy teeth.

To help you have the best smile possible, we recommend that you have your teeth whitened. This is a straightforward and non-invasive treatment that is relatively easy on the pocket too. Our ‘at home’ teeth whitening treatment will enable you to improve the whiteness of your teeth by several shades. As this treatment will not affect any artificial improvements such as crowns or veneers, we will endeavour to produce a treatment plan to ensure that your natural teeth blend in well with these where necessary.

If you are interested in seeing how we can help to turn back the years a little and provide you with an improved smile, why not call us on 01245 211070 for a free initial consultation? We look forward to meeting you!

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