Give Your Teeth An Aesthetics MOT!

Give Your Teeth An Aesthetics MOT!

Why not take advantage of the latest cosmetic dental procedures in Chelmsford for a great new smile?

Most people see their dentist once every six months or so, and perhaps every now and then when restorative treatment is necessary. Modern dentistry though, offers so much more than many people realise, and there are a now a number of treatments available that can boost your smile in no time at all, and in a minimally invasive way.

At Blue Sky Dental, we are always happy to help our Chelmsford patients achieve the smile that they want and offer free non clinical consultations for this very purpose.

In today’s blog, we take a brief look at some of the fast acting procedures that we can offer patients that will help to bring out the best in their smile.

Teeth whitening

One of the most straightforward and non invasive dental procedures that can really give your teeth a boost is the teeth whitening procedure. This can be customised to suit each individual patient and allow them to have just the level of whiteness that they are happy with. To ensure both comfort and safety, we produce trays from impressions of the patient’s teeth into which the whitening gel is placed. These are designed to be worn at home for just a few hours each day, with full results being seen within a week or two. The same trays can often be used for later top-ups too.

Dental veneers

Where teeth are badly stained or have suffered from minor chips, cracks and other defects, dental veneers can offer a better solution. Used to replace the damaged front surface of the natural tooth, they are an excellent way to have great looking teeth for a longer period of time. With good care, dental veneers usually last for around ten years and can usually easily be replaced after that time as required. The procedure itself does require a little work on your natural teeth to ensure that the veneers fit snugly, but this should not cause discomfort.

Six Month Smile

Whilst some orthodontic systems require treatment lasting for well over a year, modern cosmetic orthodontics, such as the Six Month Smile, act much faster. Unlike other orthodontics, these are designed to re-position only the teeth that are visible when you smile; meaning that improvements can be made much quicker to give you attractive and even teeth. Depending on the extent of the problem, it can take significantly less than the six months that the name implies and we will be able to advise you of the expected length of the treatment period during your consultation.

Facial Aesthetics

Finally, with your teeth white and even, you might like to see what we can do to give you younger looking skin to help frame your new smile? Both Botox and dermal fillers offer a safe and effective method of reducing lines and wrinkles on your face to help roll back those signs of ageing.

If you would like to discuss your aesthetic requirements with us, please do call us at our Chelmsford dental practice. The team at Blue Sky Dental are always happy to help. You can reach us on 01245 211070. We look froward to your call!

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