Dentists – Oral Health Protectors or ‘Killjoys’?

Dentists – Oral Health Protectors or ‘Killjoys’?

Learning to like your local dentist!

We are aware that dentists are probably somebody that you would rather never have to see; not on a personal level of course, but on a professional one.

Whilst the vast majority of patients don’t mind having a dental check up at our Chelmsford practice, there is always the possibility that we may detect a problem that requires dental treatment; and we’d be fooling ourselves to think that would be high on anyone’s list of fun things to do!

Add to the above, the possibility we may advise that you stop doing some of the things that you enjoy doing, perhaps including eating sweets, smoking or even drinking alcohol, and it can appear that our role is predominantly to stop you enjoying yourself. The reality though, is that many ‘good’ things in life do have consequences, and, below, we look at some of the problems that are very likely to occur if you regularly avoid visiting Blue Sky Dental for your routine checks.


Some patients might be fortunate in having healthy family genes that reduce the risk of some dental problems. This does not mean that your teeth are impervious however, and continual exposure to sugar will eventually damage the enamel and may lead to tooth decay or even root canal infections. Accidents may also cause small sections of a tooth to break, possibly resulting in the same problems.

Ignoring issues, such as those above, will cause the decay to spread, until such a time that you are probably in significant pain, and beyond the stage where a filling, crown or root canal procedure could be used to save the natural tooth. At this stage, it will need to be extracted.

Domino effect

As one tooth is extracted, unless it is replaced by a dental implant, of course; this means that a gap will appear in your teeth. Aside from any aesthetic issues that this might cause, it also means that the adjacent teeth are likely to encroach into the vacant area. This, in turn, will create its own spaces into which other teeth may encroach. Eventually, your teeth can look quite crooked and in need of orthodontic correction.

Not only can crooked teeth give you a ‘wonky’ smile, but can also make it harder to keep your teeth clean, thereby increasing the risk of tooth decay in what can be seen to be a vicious circle. So ignoring one aspect of your oral health can have implications for other areas too, and this is why we believe that patients need to visit our Chelmsford dental practice on a six monthly basis for regular checks.

Gum disease

It is not just our teeth that can suffer if not professionally monitored, but our gums and underlying bone structure too (which in turn can lead to loose or missing teeth). Regular thorough cleaning, or a ‘scale and polish’, by the hygienist is an excellent way to keep your teeth and gums healthy and should not be seen as an ‘optional extra’.

To keep your teeth and gums in good health and to retain an attractive smile, please make sure to book your six monthly appointment at Blue Sky Dental if you haven’t already. You can call our Chelmsford dental practice on 01245 211070.

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