Author: Emma Harvey

Top Tips to Keep your Children’s Teeth Healthy

Know the Number Cause of Tooth Decay in Children We want to take care of our children in the best possible way, keep them from harm and look after them. We like to treat our children every now and again

Make Your Teeth a Priority This Year

Making Treatment More Easily Accessible and Affordable The start of a new year can mean so much, its almost like a fresh start. 2015 may have been a stressful year and a lot may of happened but January 1st means

Bridge the Gap!

Restoring Function and Appearance At some point or another it is highly likely you will lose a tooth, either due to infection, decay or trauma.  Depending on the area where the tooth is lost, you may wish to replace the

Cracked your tooth?

Blue Sky Dental talks about why it is important to see your dentist if you have cracked your tooth. Its quite easy to crack a tooth. A tooth could crack for many reasons including grinding your teeth, chewing or biting

Looking good for the party season!

Facial Rejuvenation Blue Sky Dental can help you look good and feel good this fast approaching party season! Having minimal and quick procedures can hugely improve your appearance, providing a big boost to your confidence too.  So what can we

Do you know the enamel from your dentine??

Know the ins and outs of your Teeth Teeth – we all have them. Throughout our lifetime we will have 2 sets of teeth and the longer we keep them the better. As anyone with dentures will tell you there

The Ultimate in Teeth Whitening

Brightening your smile The easiest way to improve the appearance of your teeth is to brighten them.  Having white teeth not only makes us look younger but is also a huge boost to our confidence.  Teeth Whitening is the easiest

Dealing with Bad Breath

Halitosis Having bad breath is something that no one wants but in some cases you don’t actually know you have it!  The only way you know is by being told, which can be highly embarrassing for both you and the

Common Dental Myths and Facts

What is fact and what is fiction? There are some common misconceptions about certain things in dentistry that Blue Sky Dental are glad to put straight.  Today we discuss the top common dental myths and explain what is fact and

Mouth Cancer – Know the Facts!

Types of Mouth Cancer Mouth Cancer is the 16th most common cancer in the UK. In fact 18 people are diagnosed everyday with Mouth Cancer but by knowing the facts you could reduce the risk of developing cancer. The most