Author: Emma Harvey

Enlighten Your Life

A Guaranteed Improvement! Enlighten is the ultimate in teeth whitening systems and is now being offered at Blue Sky Dental! What is the difference compared to other systems?  The results!  The system is so effective that the Enlighten company guarantee

Smooth, Fill and Erase

Successfully fighting the signs of ageing The signs of ageing effect us all at some point. The odd line here, maybe a wrinkle there, if only we could prevent these tell tale signs. Well actually we can! As the title

Your Tooth Replacement Options

Causing potential problems Loosing a tooth can cause all types of problems.  Eating may be a problem, keeping the area clean difficult and not to mention the possible effect it could have on your smile.  For some people they are

Answering your Oral Health Questions

Questions, Questions We get asked all the time about the do’s and don’ts of brushing your teeth. Should you rinse your mouth after brushing, should you spit out or keep the toothpaste in your mouth etc. For something so simple its

Why Us?

Knowing who to choose can be difficult No matter which area you live in, you are bound to be in close proximity to a dental practice or in some cases many dental practices.  For this reason, as well as many

Oral Health for Men

Highlighting the Importance of Oral Health You may be thinking teeth are teeth right? Regardless of if you are a man or a woman you still need to take care of your teeth and have optimum oral health. Correct, but

Teeth Replacement at Blue Sky Dental

Restoring your smile When replacing missing teeth you now have quite a few options.  It is always advisable to replace missing teeth as it helps restore function i.e. your ability to eat easily and can help prevent future dental problems,

Knowing who to choose and how to choose

It is difficult to know who to trust It is difficult to know which practice to choose when considering cosmetic dental treatment. We have all heard horror stories and even read them in magazines and newspapers about people who have

Stability for Dentures

Problems with your dentures? Do your dentures constantly move? Do they make you self conscious when socialising? Are you finding it difficult to eat? Then Blue Sky Dental can help you! Full Dentures People have full dentures to replace the

Putting that smile back on your face!

Professional treatments by experienced dentists Are you finding it difficult to smile with confidence due to the current condition of your teeth? Do you long to beam with pride and not have to think about your teeth when talking to