Full Mouth Restoration Without Resorting To Dentures

Full Mouth Restoration Without Resorting To Dentures

Where a full arch of teeth are missing, ‘all on 4’ could be your answer.

Multiple teeth can be lost through long term neglect which results in decay and/or gum disease. Where a full arch of teeth have been lost, the options for replacing them are limited; for example, a dental bridge is no longer an option as there are no natural teeth left to provide support. Traditionally then, the only available method left would be the use of full dentures.

Whilst dentures have improved in quality and certainly represent an acceptable aesthetic option, some wearers do find them uncomfortable and socially awkward. They can even change your speech in some cases.

But there is another option! Here at Blue Sky Dental we are pleased to offer an excellent alternative to dentures, in the form of same day dental implants supporting a full fixed arch of teeth.

New teeth in a day!

Although it may be difficult for patients to imagine, you can now go from having no teeth at all, to a full and functioning set of replacement teeth in just five hours at our Chelmsford practice. This is done using dental implants in a procedure sometimes referred to as ‘all on 4’ or ‘teeth in a day’.

To perform this procedure, an initial consultation will be arranged and your gums inspected for any issues such as gum disease, as this will need to be treated prior to the implants being placed, should any issues be found.

Next, two special implants will be placed into the rear part of the jaw at a carefully calculated angle designed to provide a particularly strong foundation for the new arch of teeth. Two (sometimes three or four) additional implants are then placed towards the front of the mouth to complete the anchoring system.

Unlike individual implant placements, where the implant has to be left for a few months to integrate with the bone before a crown can be attached; with ‘all on 4’, often a fixed bridge of teeth can be attached immediately. Once this has been done and the dentist has provided you with comprehensive aftercare instructions, you are free to leave our experienced Chelmsford dentists with a full set of new teeth!

Initial aftercare

Inevitably, there will be some soreness once the local anaesthetic wears off, and you may also need a little time to adjust to your new teeth. We suggest that you take your time to return to normal eating, perhaps starting off with soups and other liquid foods for a few days and then gradually moving to softer foods such as soft pasta and mashed potatoes. However, very soon you will find that you can comfortably eat your usual diet with no problems at all.

To find out more about same day dental implants and how we use them to replace a complete set of missing teeth, please contact Blue Sky Dental on 01245 211070.

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