Your Tooth Replacement Options

Causing potential problems

Loosing a tooth can cause all types of problems.  Eating may be a problem, keeping the area clean difficult and not to mention the possible effect it could have on your smile.  For some people they are quite happy not replacing the tooth but did you know that really, to prevent possible future dental problems, you should highly consider replacing the tooth.

When a tooth has been removed there is nothing for the bone to hold onto.  Slowly over a period of time the bone starts to resorb.  For this reason you should think about replacing the tooth sooner than later.  Another problem that can occur from missing teeth is that teeth can start to move.  Teeth either side of the gap move inwards to fill the space and the opposing tooth will start to move down as there is nothing to stop it doing so.

What are your options?

You have 3 options when replacing a missing tooth:

  • Partial denture
  • Bridge
  • Implant

The ideal would be to use a prosthetic that doesn’t involve any preparation on other teeth.  Therefore your only options would then be a partial denture or dental implant.

When planning your treatment you need to consider whether you would prefer a fixed or removable option and the budget you have in mind.

Partial Denture

A partial denture can be used to replace one tooth or multiple missing teeth.  The benefit of this treatment is that if you loose more teeth in the future, more teeth can be added to the denture.  A denture should ideally be removed at night for the health of your gums and soft tissues.  They are only designed to last approximately 7-10 years and you will find that over a period of time they may start to become loose.


A dental bridge is laboratory made and can be used to replace one or more teeth.  Depending on the type of bridge it may require having some preparation work done to the adjacent teeth (removing a small amount of tooth structure to make space to support the bridge).  This is a fixed prosthetic and can last you 10-15 years or more providing you take care of it.

Dental Implant

Probably the best option when replacing a tooth as no work is needed to other teeth and it is a permanent option.  Carried out over a period of stages helps ensure the longevity of treatment.  Once completed you can expect an Implant to last you 20 plus.  It is important to remember that implants are rather like your own teeth, you still need to brush and clean them like you would your own, otherwise you risk getting gum disease around them and the implant could fail.

To discuss your options for replacing missing teeth speak to your dentist.  They will advise what is best for you as an individual and give you an idea on the fees involved.  Alternatively call Blue Sky Dental.  An appointment with our Treatment Coordinator will give you all the information you require about these treatments.

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