Love Your Gums

Love Your Gums

Being kind to your gums will help you to keep your teeth well into later life.

As children, many of us will have suffered from toothache, perhaps caused by inferior brushing and too many sweets. However well our parents encouraged us to clean our teeth, we possibly did the bare minimum and suffered because of it. As adults, we remember those occasions, and, on the whole, now brush our teeth much more diligently.

The above regimen should go a long way, along with seeing your local dentist regularly, in keeping your teeth healthy and free from tooth decay. Too often though, our gums, an equally important part of our mouth, do not receive the same care and attention which can lead to infections that may potentially lead to tooth loss.

Healthy gums

Our gum health is important. Gum disease is one of the leading causes of tooth loss in the UK, something few people probably recognise. It is increasingly being linked with serious illnesses such as heart disease and Alzheimer’s and although this is still being studied, there are certainly enough potential links for it to be taken seriously.

Thankfully, having healthy gums is not too difficult to achieve, although for some people, such as diabetics, the risks are greater than in others.

Keep them clean

When you brush your teeth, you should always make sure to also lightly brush your gums. This will help to remove a sticky substance known as plaque, which is, in fact, a collection of bacteria. Although you may not mostly even be aware of this, it is always present and needs to be kept under control. As bacteria thrive in a dry and warm environment, you may have noticed this when you have woken up dehydrated, with a sticky feeling in your mouth.

Plaque will also gather between the teeth, and although brushing will help, it does not always remove the plaque from this hard to reach area. Dental floss should be used to remove this and we are happy to show you how to do this if you find it difficult. Make sure too, to angle your toothbrush towards the gums so that it can clean just below the gum line where plaque, and small food particles can collect.

Scale and polish

An equally important part of your gum health regimen is to see a hygienist for a professional clean. However well you clean your teeth at home, plaque can build up in hard to reach areas of the mouth and will eventually form a hard substance known as tartar. This is nearly impossible to remove by brushing alone, so a ‘scale and polish’ procedure is needed to remove it and help to keep your gums in good health. You will also benefit from your teeth being cleaned with a high speed brush that not only helps to remove bacteria, but also some surface staining of your teeth which will improve their appearance.

If you have not considered your gum health before, we recommend seeing the hygienist at Blue Sky Dental who can discuss this with you, and will also provide a scale and polish as mentioned above. We are sure that you will notice and appreciate the difference that it makes, and will help to keep your gums healthy and disease free.

Please call our Chelmsford dental practice for a hygienist appointment on 01245 211070.

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