Could Watching The World Cup Really Affect Your Teeth?

Could Watching The World Cup Really Affect Your Teeth?

With the tournament due to start, our Chelmsford dental team look at how your teeth could be at risk.

Aside from the obvious jokes about grinding your teeth whilst watching England play, events such as the World Cup can lead us into habits that we don’t usually follow. Although the tournament only lasts for a few weeks, it is sufficient time for the health of your teeth and gums to start to deteriorate if you are not careful.

At Blue Sky Dental, we believe that our patients should always be aware of the consequences of their actions when it comes to whole mouth care. Even a relatively short period of time of neglect could have a significant impact on your teeth.


Perhaps one of the biggest threats to teeth and gums during events such as these is alcohol. Especially where groups get together to watch a game, there is probably a good chance that a fair amount of alcohol could be consumed. This not only increases the risk of accidents, such as a miss-aimed punch in the air when a team scores, but also has longer term implications, especially for gum disease. Regular alcohol consumption and the subsequent dry mouth, provides for a growth in the number of potentially gum harming bacteria. If the teeth are not cleaned well and you do not drink enough water to stay hydrated; by the end of the World Cup, gingivitis could well be starting.

Cleaning your teeth

Late night games especially, could have implications for changes in your regular teeth cleaning regimen. Even if you regularly and diligently brush your teeth both morning and evenings, and use dental floss; a combination of tiredness and alcohol consumption may mean that you sometimes fail to do this, or at least only give them a cursory clean. We are not saying that you should not enjoy yourselves, but we do ask that you try to maintain a good all round teeth cleaning habit so that you avoid potential dental problems, irrespective of the distractions.


Aside from alcohol, which incidentally is usually high in sugar, our general diet may well change to include more convenience foods and snacks than usual. Even many savoury foods have sugar in them and snacks generally also do. Be especially careful with sticky barbeque type foods. The stickiness of some of these allows for the sugar to stick on, and between, your teeth more easily and for longer than usual.

We hope that you enjoy the World Cup (and that England are not involved in any penalty shoot outs!) Taking a little time and care to pay attention to your teeth during the tournament though, will help you to keep your teeth in good condition long after the football ends.

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