Why Us?

Knowing who to choose can be difficult

No matter which area you live in, you are bound to be in close proximity to a dental practice or in some cases many dental practices.  For this reason, as well as many others, this can make it hard to know who to choose to be your dentist.  Especially if you have a young family, you need to be reassured that whoever you trust to take care of your children’s oral health is going to do just that!  So what makes us that dental practice?

Why to choose us?

  1. Blue Sky Dental is all situated on the ground floor and has been designed to be easily accessible for wheelchair users and disabled or less abled patients.
  2. There is bay parking outside the practice or alternatively we are in close proximity of many car parks (within a few minutes walk).  We are easily accessible by bus and train also.
  3. All the dentists here are all specialists in their own field of dentistry.  This doesn’t mean that they have a keen interest in that dental field, it means that they are official registered specialists who have undergone years of training to gain that qualification.
  4. We have an experienced Treatment Co-ordinator who is also a qualified Dental Nurse.  She is happy to sit with you and discuss treatment options and the procedure involved.
  5. You will never have to go else where for treatment, it is all carried out at the practice including scans, x-rays and surgical procedures.
  6. You do not need specialist dentistry or cosmetic dentistry to be registered with us as we also carry out general dentistry too.
  7. We regularly take referrals from other practices who may feel that the dentistry their patient requires may be out of their field of expertise.
  8. A few of our Dentists have young families too so they know how difficult it can be keeping children’s teeth clean and healthy.  You can be assured that all the tips they suggest are tried and tested on their own children.

So, there is just 8 reasons why to choose us for your dental care.  It is never too late to start taking care of your teeth and we will never judge you, just advise and educate.

Why not call us today to make an appointment?  Our friendly team are waiting to take your call.

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