Do You Need Regular Dental Check Ups?

Do You Need Regular Dental Check Ups?

An opinion on a report out today stating six monthly checks may be unnecessary.

Those of you who have read the news today may have seen a report where a senior dentist has claimed that having a dental check every six months is unnecessary, warning that dental care is becoming a ‘rich man’s hobby’.  From time to time, we do get patients, especially nervous ones, who ask if they need to see us as often, so, with this being topical, we thought that we would put an alternative viewpoint forward.

A healthy mouth

The statement argues that patients who look after their teeth and have a healthy mouth should, perhaps, have their teeth and gums checked every two years or so. Whilst it is true that those who care for their teeth well, are statistically less likely to need treatment, the fact is that they still might. Even a tiny chip or crack, possibly sustained without the patient’s knowledge, can create problems which, at first, are not noticeable. Once the enamel of a tooth has been compromised though, problems are very likely to be not too far away.

Once the dentin layer of the tooth, under the enamel, is exposed, decay can start to set in and may even affect the canals of the teeth where the nerves are stored, causing pain and infection and potentially necessitating the need for a root canal procedure.

And there lies the problem with this dentist’s argument in our opinion. Once an otherwise healthy tooth has been compromised, two years is much too long for it to be left undetected. With a six monthly check at Blue Sky Dental, we would be able to treat this very simply, most likely with a filling. Left undetected for two years, this could result in a much larger filling, the need for a dental crown or even an extraction of the tooth.

Gum disease

The other issue of course, is gum disease. This is not a major problem if it is monitored and treated where necessary, along with advice on better cleaning habits. If left for two years though, gum disease can advance quickly and periodontitis might occur. When it does, not only the gums, but the bone that holds the teeth can become compromised, threatening the security of the teeth.

Mouth cancer

As a part of our oral check ups, we also look for signs of possible oral cancers. We are in a unique position to spot these at an early stage and will refer you to your GP if there are any concerns, for further inspection. Whilst many possible signs turn out to be innocent, if oral cancer is ignored, it is harder to treat than if detected early on.

Early detection and treatment is key to a healthy mouth, and, in our opinion, leaving a dental check up for two years, however healthy you feel your mouth to be, is a potentially dangerous step to take.

If you have not had an oral examination for some time, why not allow one of our Chelmsford dentists to do so for you, to help to keep your teeth and gums in good health. Please call us at Blue Sky Dental today on 01245 211070.

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