Chipped a Front Tooth?

Chipped a Front Tooth?

Dental veneers offer an effective restorative solution for Chelmsford patients.

Losing a small chip from a tooth is not that uncommon. It can happen when we unexpectedly bite into something hard or it could result from a fall or accident. When it happens, it can be all too tempting to ignore it, but seeking professional dental advice is strongly advised. Even a chipped rear tooth should be treated as any damage to the surface enamel of our teeth increases the risk of decay and infection.

When the tooth affected is a very visible front tooth though, the aesthetics of our smile also become a factor.

Restoration options

At Blue Sky Dental, there are a number of options available which can restore the appearance of a chipped tooth, and the most appropriate one will be advised following an examination by one of our dentists. Providing that the damage is simply a chip and not a broken tooth, more extensive treatments such as dental implant replacements or even a crown should not be necessary.

This leaves two viable options to restore the tooth’s appearance. The most simple of these is to use a composite material to replace the missing chip. This is a very quick and easy solution and requires no local anaesthetic. Composite however, is not an ideal solution as it is slightly porous and can, over time, discolour, and is also not especially strong and thus may need to be replaced at intervals.

Depending on the extent of the damage, a more permanent option for our Chelmsford patients is to have a dental veneer fitted.

Dental veneers

Dental veneers are usually made from either porcelain or ceramic, both strong materials which do not discolour easily. They offer both a realistic looking and strong replacement for the damaged surface of a tooth. Whilst the procedure is more invasive than a simple composite filling, the results are well worth it and offer a long term solution as well, with veneers generally lasting for around ten years.

To perform the procedure, a local anaesthetic is given and a special dental tool, called a burr, is then used to remove a fine layer from the front surface of the tooth. Impressions are then taken and sent away for the veneers to be made (temporary veneers will be fitted to protect the teeth). On their return, the temporary veneers are removed and the new veneers attached, trimmed and polished to leave a natural looking tooth, without the chips!

If you live in Chelmsford or surrounding Essex area and are fed up of looking at a chipped tooth when you smile, why not call Blue Sky Dental on 01245 211070 to arrange a consultation to discuss the appropriate treatment plan.

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