Dental Pain – Act Quickly For A Prompt Appointment

Dental Pain – Act Quickly For A Prompt Appointment

A toothache is highly unlikely to go away and is a sure sign that something is wrong.

There are many different degrees of toothache, but when a severe toothache strikes, perhaps after first trying a painkiller, most of us will contact our dentist straight away. Even those with a fear of visiting the dentist generally prefer to face their fears rather than put up with excruciating pain.

Whilst there is no doubt that action needs to be taken when the pain is severe, some patients seem to believe that a mild or occasional toothache is something that can be managed without a trip to the dentist.

Warning signs

In fact, even a mild toothache is a sign that all is not well. Even if the pain is bearable, with or without a painkiller, ignoring it and hoping it will go away is not an approach recommended at Blue Sky Dental. Avoiding early stage dental treatment means that whilst you may avoid it for a period of time, perhaps even months, there is every chance that eventually you will find that you have no other option. At this stage, the damage may be done and restoring the tooth no longer viable.

Whilst we do have teeth replacement options, such as a bridge or dental implants available, the dentists at our Chelmsford practice much prefer to help the patient to keep their natural teeth wherever possible.

Restorative treatments

Providing a tooth is treated when the toothache is mild, there is every chance that we will be able to save it. The following are just a couple of the more common causes of toothache and we also discuss how they might be treated.

Dental decay – The most common cause of toothache by far. If detected early, a simple filling is often sufficient to repair the tooth. Even larger cavities may be treated in this manner to some degree. Eventually though, there will be insufficient tooth left to save, and it will need to be extracted.

Cracked teeth – A cracked tooth can occur for any number of reasons. Biting hard into something can crack it as can a blow to the tooth. Whether the crack is obvious or very minor in appearance though, it will be large enough for bacteria to enter, eventually leading to decay or root canal infection. The tooth will also be weakened if it is cracked, and may even eventually break off altogether.

Rather than wait for more severe damage, and potentially pain, we recommend that if you have toothache or have received a blow to the teeth, you call Blue Sky Dental Practice as soon as you possibly can. If you are able to call us early, we will do our best to examine and treat you the same day.

Where this is not possible, we are able to offer advice on how best to manage the tooth until such time that an appointment can be made. Please get in touch with our Chelmsford dental practice on 01245 211070 for prompt assistance.

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