What Causes Mouth Sores?

What Causes Mouth Sores?

Do you need to see your local Chelmsford dentist if you have them?

It probably goes without saying that mouth sores are not very pleasant! They can be unsightly and may also be somewhat uncomfortable. They are rarely serious though and will usually soon go with some lifestyle adjustment or relatively minor treatment.

If you have one that is particularly problematic though, or if you have them often, it would be a good idea to pop along to Blue Sky Dental to have them checked out. This is important to make sure that there are no more serious underlying causes.

Mouth sores can be caused by a number of factors, such as thrush or it may even be a common cold sore. They can also be caused by bacterial infections that could have implications for your oral health.


Especially if you are wearing a conventional style ‘wire and brackets’ dental braces, even a cosmetic one such as the Six Month Smiles system, you should have your mouth checked to make sure that there are no associated problems.  Soreness may be caused by the additional difficulty in cleaning your teeth when wearing this type of appliance; so if you are concerned about this aspect of wearing a dental brace, you may wish to discuss with us the option of wearing a removable system such as Invisalign.

Cracked or broken tooth

If you have  a tooth that is cracked or even chipped, it may become infected. This is obviously best detected during its earlier stages so that any filling needed can be as small as possible. There may also be a possibility that the roots of your teeth have become infected. If we suspect that this may be the case, we will take an X ray to check and if an infection is found, a root canal procedure will likely be necessary.

General oral care

Mouth sores may also be more likely if you follow poor oral health habits. Poor quality teeth cleaning, failing to floss, drinking too much alcohol and especially smoking, means that mouth sores are a distinct possibility. Whilst some mouth sores, especially where caused by a bacterial infection, will need treating; others resulting from lifestyle choices such as smoking, can often be reversed by changing those habits.

In rare cases, mouth sores may be an indicator of oral cancer. Whilst we would encourage patients not to panic about this, a check up by your Chelmsford dentist may lead to a referral to your GP for further examination. In most cases, there are probably other causes, but oral cancers respond better to treatment if detected early, so it is better to be safe than sorry.

If you have a mouth sore and are concerned, and especially if you have had it for more than a week, we recommend calling Blue Sky Dental on 01245 211070 to arrange to see one of our dentists.

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