Bleeding Gums – A Warning Sign

Bleeding Gums – A Warning Sign

Symptoms that could mean that all is not well in your mouth.

Most people would recognise that, when we have a toothache, we need to see a dentist to have it examined.

Failure to do so, even if the pain can be managed, is likely to lead to more serious damage that may even result in the need to have the tooth extracted.

Toothache is not the only symptom of poor oral health though, and our Chelmsford family dentist looks as some other possible symptoms below.

Bleeding gums – Not only bleeding, but sore, inflamed or reddened gums may indicate that you are suffering from gum disease. Aside from any discomfort that his may cause, these symptoms should not be ignored. Gum disease, if not treated early on, can develop into periodontitis, a serious infection that can lead to tooth loss due to the damage done to the bone in the jaw. Early treatment usually involves enhanced ‘scale and polish’ treatments performed by the hygienist at Blue Sky Dental but where the disease has progressed, you will likely be asked to see a specialist known as a periodontist.

Bad breath or bad taste in mouth – This antisocial problem can, again, often be linked to gum disease. As the gingival bacteria eat away at your gums, they also expel a foul smelling odor that is virtually impossible to hide. Dental decay may also lead to bad breath, especially if there is an unpleasant taste in your mouth. Certain foods may also cause bad breath, garlic being a well known one, but persistent bad breath should be checked by a dentist.

Loose teeth – Any teeth that appear to be loose or wobble to the touch should be examined. Once again, this may well be linked to gum disease, albeit, the more advanced stage of periodontitis. When this occurs, the bone in the jaw can deteriorate and may not hold the tooth securely in place, hence the movement. Should you notice this symptom, please contact Blue Sky Dental to have your teeth and gums examined as soon as you can.

Sores, red patches or tongue pain – These are amongst the possible symptoms of oral cancer and should not be ignored. Whilst oral cancer may not be the most well known, it is responsible for over two thousand deaths in the UK each year. Early diagnosis means that treatment can start earlier, with the likelihood of a more positive outcome. Our dentists regularly check for these symptoms during your six monthly examination and may refer you to you doctor for a thorough examination should we detect any issues.

Although a lot can potentially go wrong with your teeth and gums, it can largely be avoided with good quality brushing and flossing at home, plus the addition of regular dental checks and hygienist appointments at our Chelmsford dental practice.

If you have slipped out of the habit of having your teeth checked regularly, or have perhaps recently moved to Chelmsford and are looking to register with a dentist, why not call Blue Sky Dental today on 01245 211070.

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