Healthy Christmas Gifts

Healthy Christmas Gifts

What tooth friendly presents will Santa put in your sack?

This might be the last Blue Sky Dental blog that we post before the Christmas holidays, so we thought that we would write a piece to help those of you who are still running around looking for last minute Christmas presents for their friends and family.

As dentists, of course, we would also like to help you keep your teeth and gums in good condition at this time of year, and hopefully, our last minute present suggestions will help you to do this.


Christmas could be a useful time to make sure that your family’s toothbrushes are still new enough to be effective. In fact, you shouldn’t use a toothbrush, or electric brush head that is over three months old. After this time, or earlier if the bristles are worn, it become less effective at removing both food particles and bacteria from the teeth and gum line.

Whilst a manual toothbrush can brush your teeth effectively, this is perhaps more easily achieved with an electric toothbrush. Many of these also have a built in pressure sensor which cuts out if you press too hard. This helps to stop you from damaging the enamel of your teeth through excessive pressure.

Sugar free sweets and chocolates

We all like to eat more sweets and chocolates at Christmas than is good for us but fortunately there is now a wide range of sugar free chocolate and other confectionery available. Why not buy these as a substitute for the more teeth damaging ones that contain high levels of sugar? Many of them taste just as good if not better.


Especially for adults, a cheese selection is an excellent alternative to sweets. Not only will this help to reduce your sugar intake over the festive period, but a piece of cheese last thing at night, but before you brush your teeth, is a great way to help neutralise some of the acids in your mouth.

Water piks and other dental ‘gadgets’

Whilst we would prefer you to master flossing, as we believe it to be the most effective way of keeping your gums healthy (our Chelmsford hygienist will be happy to show you how to do this), substitutes such as a waterpik may still be useful. The jury is out a little on these as they blast powerful fine streams of water between the teeth, dislodging food and bacteria. They aren’t everybody’s cup of tea, but may be a more likely way to persuade your teenage children to clean their gums than flossing. Novelty factor may help here!

Teeth whitening

Finally, for your partner, whether male or female, why not consider treating them to a teeth whitening procedure in the new year? We are sure that they will be delighted with their new smile, provided by the cosmetic dentists at Blue Sky Dental.

We hope that all of our patients have a great Christmas and New Year and we look forward to seeing you in 2018. Hopefully it won’t be necessary, but should you need an emergency appointment over the holidays, please call our Chelmsford dental clinic for further instructions on 01245 211070.

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