The Number 1 Enemy for Teeth!

Not just bad for your body but also your teeth!

We all know the impact sugar has on our body but do you really know how much of an impact it has on your teeth? Sugar is your teeth’s arch enemy! Admittedly food and drinks do sometimes taste better with a little sugar added, and nearly everyone loves a cake or two but is the effect really worth it?

Sugar and the effects are becoming more publicised lately both on TV and in newspapers.  Celebrities such as Jamie Oliver are becoming hugely involved in educating people, especially children about the huge health implications caused by sugar.

Every parent is guilty of giving their children sweets, chocolate or even cakes but everything in moderation.  A recent study shows that half of eight year olds have visible signs of tooth decay.  In fact tooth decay is the number one reason why children are hospitalized.

Why is sugar so bad for teeth?

When we eat, small food particles become trapped on and between our teeth.  Combined with the bacteria in our mouth and saliva, this forms plaque.  Plaque is a white and sticky substance.  Food and drinks high in sugar (carbohydrates), reacts with the bacteria in plaque turning the carbohydrates into energy.  Acid is produced at the same time.  This acid then starts attacking the enamel on the teeth eventually causing its breakdown.  Tooth decay then occurs.

Why is so much sugar added to foods?

Manufacturers add sugar to food mainly for taste reasons, but in some cases sugar is added unnecessarily.  Manufacturers are not all to blame, they don’t force us to consume these foods.  We have to take responsibility for what we consume and the possible effects.  Cutting out sugar will be a big boost to your health and help protect your teeth against decay.

What will also help protect your teeth is practising good oral hygiene at home.  We all have plaque build up on our teeth but the important thing is to remove it thoroughly reducing any decay risk.  When plaque is not removed it turns to calculus, something that we cannot remove our self.  While the plaque is soft its easier to remove.  If you are unsure of how best to keep your teeth clean and healthy why not visit a Dental Hygienist.  She can educate you and show you the best tools to use and to use them effectively.  Contact us for more information and advice or call 01245 211070.

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