Don’t Mask Dental Pain With Paracetamol

Don’t Mask Dental Pain With Paracetamol

Reports indicate an increase in overdoses because of dental pain

It is human nature to want to mask the pain of a toothache. There is nothing wrong with this, and taking paracetamol or other pain killing medication is a sensible temporary approach when it is suitable to do so. Not only will this help to reduce any pain you may be feeling from toothache or dental trauma, but it may also help to reduce any swelling in the area.

This becomes a problem when people use this approach as a longer term solution. This is probably more likely where the pain is at a lower level, rather than a severe toothache. The fact is though, that if you have a dental problem, no matter how small, that is causing pain, it is only likely going to get worse.

Hospital admissions

Before we look at what you should do in this situation, it is worth mentioning why you should not take this approach. Apart from any additional damage to your teeth, taking too much paracetamol is potentially dangerous, with liver damage being a possible outcome. This can clearly have a long term effect on your general health and well being.

In addition to this, one Nottingham hospital had 150 admissions in one month for paracetamol overdoses. Not only is this a problem for the person involved, but also takes up important bed space that could easily have been avoided.

Seek professional dental care

Whether your dental pain has come on slowly or is the result of an accident, your first action should always be to call Blue Sky Dental for an appointment. Simply explain your situation to the receptionist at our Chelmsford practice and they will ensure that you are seen as soon as we can. Where the pain is significant, we will try to find you an emergency dental appointment the same day, if at all possible. Do try to ring us as early in the day as you can.

Providing that you have no allergies to the medication, there is no harm in taking a painkiller, at the correct dosage, until our Chelmsford dentists can see you.

Emergency care for accidents

It is worth reminding our patients that if your dental problem is the result of an accident such as a heavy fall or blow to the face, you should seek attention first at your local A&E department to make sure that there are no significant head injuries that should be treated as a priority. However painful your toothache may be, a head injury could be very serious and you should not ignore this.

If you suffered a sudden accident to your teeth or are in significant discomfort, an emergency dental appointment can be arranged at Blue Sky Dental by calling our Chelmsford practice on 01245 211070.

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