Late Summer Holiday? Things our Chelmsford Patients Should Look Out For

Going on holiday is great but make sure not to neglect your teeth!

Woman at the dentistWith Covid restrictions now more relaxed than they were, it has become more feasible for many of us to take our holiday abroad.

No doubt some of our Blue Sky Dental patients will have decided to leave it for another year to see what happens and to hopefully have a break free of testing and isolation risks etc, but a large number of you will, without doubt, have decided to squeeze in a break abroad before the summer is out.

In the excitement of planning for our holiday, many of us will barely give a second thought to our oral health but there are certain risks to our teeth and gums on holiday and also certain things that you can do to help ensure they remain healthy during your stay.

Health insurance

Especially now that we are no longer a part of the EU, please make sure that any health insurance you take out covers dental expenses. Although your budget might run to a minor filling if necessary, a more extensive dental treatment could cost you a lot of money if it is not covered by your insurance. Please check this before you leave.

Pack your toothbrush

A toothbrush is one of the things that often gets left at home. This is probably because we pack and then clean our teeth almost the last thing before we leave for the airport. Whilst you should be able to buy a toothbrush when you arrive at your destination unless you are going somewhere remote, it is best to have one handy for when you arrive, especially if the flight timings mean that you have been forced to miss one of your usual cleanings.

Plan in advance

This applies especially if you are prone to dental problems or suspect that a minor issue might become worse when you are there, but it is good advice for anyone. Have a look around for dentists in the area that you are going to, taking note perhaps of reviews that have been left. If you write the details down before you go, you won’t need to try to look for them in a dental emergency and will avoid the risk of being referred to a brother or cousin of the hotel receptionist who may not be of the standard you had hoped for!

Have a check up before you go

If it has been several months since you last had a check up, it might be worth considering seeing if you can bring your next appointment forward before you go away. You are likely to feel more comfortable having a filing or other treatment with one of your Chelmsford dentists than you are a complete stranger in another country. Check ups can also detect minor issues that can be treated before they become a bigger, and potentially more painful, issue when you are on your holiday, potentially spoiling it for you.

Watch what you eat and drink

Just because you are on holiday, it doesn’t mean that food and drinks that are high in sugar won’t be harmful for your teeth; enamel erosion and tooth decay don’t take a holiday, even if you do! People do tend to slacken any healthy  eating regime they follow when they are away and we fully understand that, but it is still worth bearing it in mind when you are choosing what to eat or drink.

Maintain good teeth cleaning habits

Especially if we have had a few drinks in the evening, we might be tempted to fall into bed due to tiredness. It is important though that you should maintain your regular brushing and flossing routine both morning and night, however tired you are or in a rush to get the first towels down around the pool in the morning.

Stay hydrated

Finally, make sure that you drink plenty of water, especially if you are drinking alcohol on holiday and are in a hot climate where we tend to dehydrate much faster. By all means drink other drinks on holiday but don’t forget plain old water. Not only will it not harm your teeth but will help to flush away some food debris that gets trapped as well as being the best way to rehydrate quickly.

Even if you decide to holiday in the UK this year, most of the above still apply to you, but given the likelihood of hotter weather abroad, some, like dehydration, are more likely. Your holiday may only last a week or two, but dental problems can still occur in this short period of time. Do make sure to look after your teeth whilst at the same time enjoying your break. If you would like to see a dentist before you go away, please call Blue Sky Dental on 01245 211070.

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