Sugar Free Chewing Gum

Sugar Free Chewing Gum

Your Secret Dental Health Hero!

Sugar free gum helps with freshening breath, helping the mouth feel clean after food, moistening the mouth and it just tastes nice doesn’t it? Do you also know that sugar free chewing gum helps aid your dental health?

Sugar free chewing gum is a bit of a hero in the dental world, and yet, many people don’t realise exactly how much it can do for dental health. Here at your local Chelmsford dentist we want to give you plenty of Q&As about sugar free chewing gum so you’re clued on up on this amazing secret oral health hero:

What Is Sugar Free Chewing Gum?

Sugar free chewing gum is just like normal chewing gum but with sweeteners in it, instead of sugar.

Why Is Sugar Free Chewing Gum Good For Dental Health?

Sugar free gum has no sugar in it, so it does not contribute towards tooth decay. It also helps provide protection for your teeth after you have eaten in two ways. One way is to simply aid in breaking away food debris so it doesn’t stick to teeth and create an acid attack after eating. It also helps you produce more saliva which washes away food debris and bacteria, and also has natural acid defenses in it.

Bad Breath Elimination

Often, a dry mouth is the cause of bad breath. When you chew sugar free chewing gum you make saliva and reduce this common cause of bad breath. Sugar free gum is often minty as well which helps to freshen the breath too.

What About Xylitol?

Xylitol is usually in sugar free chewing gum and is a natural ingredient you can find in various fruits and vegetables but it is usually harvested from certain tree barks. It has equal sweetness to sugar and it is not only better for your teeth than sugar, it also has additional oral health benefits. Xylitol is thought to help stop bacteria from plaque latching on to the teeth and it is also thought to be able to help replace the minerals in tooth enamel.

When Should I Chew Sugar Free Chewing Gum?

Chew sugar free chewing gum soon after eating for the most benefits.

Can I Replace Brushing And Flossing With Sugar Free Chewing Gum?

Although sugar free chewing gum helps with oral health it cannot replace brushing twice a day for two minutes, flossing, or visiting your Chelmsford dentist every six months (or as regularly as you need). Sugar free gum is also unable to undo the effects of a bad diet with lots of sugar and starch, or bad habits like smoking.

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