Personal Oral Care – Turning The Tide

Personal Oral Care – Turning The Tide

If your daily habits are harming your teeth, it is never too late to change!

Looking after our teeth and gums is an ongoing process. Whilst the hygienist at Blue Sky Dental can give your teeth and gum line a thorough clean, this will be less beneficial if you don’t take care of them in between visits.

Whilst some things that we do can cause immediate damage, such as opening bottles with our teeth, most habits have a gradual effect on the health of our teeth and gums. With the help of our local dental team, and a reversal of some of these habits, you will not be far away from having a much healthier mouth.

Below, we look at some simple and cumulative ways that you can start to turn the tide towards having healthy teeth and gums.

Smoking – Simply, stop. This is a dangerous habit, and you probably already know that. Help is now widely available and stopping smoking greatly reduces the risk of periodontitis and oral cancers.

Alcohol – Try to reduce your alcohol consumption and remember, if you have been drinking, to drink plenty of water before going to bed so that you stay hydrated.

Ditch the sugary drinks – Water is our most important hydration source and is widely, and freely, available. It will quench your thirst, reduce the risk of gum disease and also helps to wash away food particles and bacteria. Sugary drinks may taste nice, but sipping these exposes your teeth for a lengthy period of time where they come into contact with sugar.

Be ‘sugar aware’ – Sugar is widely used in the food and drink industry, including in savoury foods. Keep and eye on labels and remember that your ‘posh coffee’ probably contains several teaspoons, or even tablespoon, of sugar.

Be diligent – Clean your teeth regularly, never missing it, however tired you are. Dedicate a few minutes each evening too, to removing bacteria and food from between your teeth using dental floss.

See your dentist – Regular six monthly check ups are essential to detect any problem in their early stages. This usually means that any teeth affected can be restored more easily, and more of the natural tooth retained.

See the hygienist – This is not an ‘optional extra’, but should be treated as an essential part of your overall oral health care. Our dental hygienist can not only offer advice about better ways to look after your mouth, but will also scale and polish your teeth and gum line, minimising potential gum problems.

Don’t ignore discomfort – Finally, if something doesn’t feel right with your teeth or gums, there is probably a problem that needs to be dealt with. Don’t just hope that it will go away; it will probably get worse. Call Blue Sky Dental on 01245 211070 to make an appointment to see a dentist – we’re here to help!

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