Ask Your Essex Dentist – Dental Implants

Ask Your Essex Dentist – Dental Implants

A retired footballer asks about replacing his dentures with dental implants.

In the next patient question, we look at a specific case about missing teeth, but variations of which we hear from a wide variety of patients who attend the Blue Sky Dental Practice in Chelmsford.

Q. For many years, I played semi professional football and unfortunately sustained a facial injury which resulted in the loss of my front teeth. At the time, the dentist advised having false teeth as I was still playing and recommended that they be removed for the duration of the game. This was obviously sensible advice and was worth the hassle of cleaning and occasional discomfort. Now though, I have finally accepted that I am too old to play any more and therefore dentures are no longer a necessity. I have heard that dental implants may be a better solution than dentures but I’m a bit ‘fuzzy’ on what they are. Can you explain please?

Age catches up with us all I’m afraid, but your retirement from the game does at least now mean that dental implants are certainly a viable option, and one that will provide you with a strong, secure and long lasting alternative to dentures. As a leading dental implant provider in Essex, we are ideally placed to help you to achieve this. Naturally, a personal consultation would be the best thing so that we can explain the process in detail. In brief though, here is a summary of what a dental implant is and what the procedure entails.

The implant itself is a screw like object which is made from titanium. This is placed, following x-rays and scans, into the jawbone where a tooth has been lost. This is a sophisticated procedure which should cause minimal discomfort. Once placed, the implant is left in the bone for approximately three months, during which time the bone bonds with the implant (note: only titanium implants will do this).

After the three months, your implant, which, in effect is now an artificial tooth root, will be firmly held in place by the bone. An ‘abutment’ will then be attached to it which is used to fit a custom made crown. Once this has been fitted, you will have a natural looking and feeling new tooth that should last you for twenty years, and very often more. It is probably worth saying that if you tempt yourself out of retirement, we would advise that you wear a mouthguard to protect your new implants.

In a nutshell, this is what a dental implant is and the procedure for placing it. We are sure you will have other questions about them and we will be pleased to answer these at the initial consultation.

It may also help to list the advantages of dental implants, and these include:

●     Natural in appearance and feel

●     Strong and don’t limit what you eat

●     Secure and will not move or fall out (given reasonable care)

●     Easy to clean by regular brushing and flossing

●     Long lasting – have been known to last for over thirty years but twenty is usual, given the correct care.

I would recommend that you arrange to have a free non clinical consultation at our dental practice which is situated in Chelmsford, Essex and you can contact Blue Sky Dental by calling us on 01245 211070. We look forward to seeing you and addressing any concerns and questions that you might have.

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