Cavities and Decay – Are They Really Inevitable?

Cavities and Decay – Are They Really Inevitable?

Some tips on how to reduce the need for dental fillings in Chelmsford.

Most of us probably have a filling or two. We tend to treat these as a minor inconvenience and something that is almost inevitable at some point in our life.

Whilst it is true that a breakage can be caused by an accident, and little can be done about that, the majority of fillings are needed due to a cavity caused by tooth decay. These are preventable with a little care and changes in our habits.

Sugar everywhere

It used to be that sugar was in sweets and when we added it to food. These days, sugar is everywhere, including in the vast majority of convenience foods, whether sweet or savoury. This means that we consume far more sugar than is good for us. The modern habit of snacking throughout the day also means that our teeth are continually bombarded with doses of sugar too.

Try to cut down on sugar, and certainly avoid some of the more damaging culprits such as fizzy drinks. Try also to eat at meal times and minimise any snacking. This will give your saliva time to wash away much of the sugar from your teeth and gums.

Clean your teeth – getting the basics right

Brush your teeth both morning and the last thing before going to bed. Once you have cleaned your teeth at night, do not eat or drink anything except for water. Make sure your toothbrush is not worn out and use a fluoride toothpaste. These simple tips will provide the basis of good oral care for our Chelmsford patients.

Dental floss

Brushing our teeth reaches approximately 60% of the tooth surface. This means that 40% of our teeth do not get cleaned. This is often in the difficult to brush areas which includes between the teeth and at the back of the rear teeth. Bacteria will collect in these areas and decay is likely to occur. The use of dental floss is one of the best ways to keep this area clean and our team are always happy to show you how to do this.

Dental hygienists

Far too few people visit the hygienist. Although your regular Blue Sky Dental visit is essential to monitor your oral health; seeing the hygienist at least twice a year is an excellent way to keep your teeth and gums really clean and hopefully, problem free. The hygienist will offer advice on improvements that you can make at home, as well as providing a thorough clean that gets rid of hardened bacteria and leaves your mouth feeling fresh.

If you do need a filling in Chelmsford

Whilst we hope that the above information helps you to avoid cavities, it is always good to know that, should you need one, we offer an alternative to the widely used amalgam fillings. Whilst these are strong, they are very dark in colour; however we are pleased to provide tooth coloured fillings to provide you with an aesthetically pleasing result.

To make an appointment with the dentist or hygienist at Blue Sky Dental in Chelmsford, please call us on 01245 211070.

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