If We Could Turn Time Backwards….

If We Could Turn Time Backwards….

Will you regret not looking after your teeth now, when you are older?

We suspect that many of our older patients of Blue Sky Dental will be nodding their heads in agreement as they read this latest blog. However, it is our younger patients who we hope will benefit the most, and hopefully be stimulated to review the way that they currently look after their teeth.

No one can see into their future, and, for younger patients and teenagers in particular, the future may seem an extremely long way away.

However, as the older guys among us will no doubt agree, the years fly by much faster than you think!


Most of us who have reached a certain age can look back with an element of regret at some particular aspects of our lives. Our Chelmsford dentists have certainly heard many of our patients say how much they regret not looking after their teeth better when they were younger, presuming that they would still be fine, come what may, as they got older.

Whilst for some, this neglect may have been due to poor cleaning and almost certainly no flossing, for others a fear of the dentist prevented them from having regular checks on their teeth and gums, something which is very likely to increase the risks of gum disease. Hopefully, the younger generation now coming through our Baddow Road  dental practice, will not make the same mistakes and take good care of their teeth, along with having regular professional dental supervision.

Never too late

However poor your oral health is though, it is never too late to make a fresh start to look after your teeth and gums. Although long term neglect is likely to mean invasive procedures, failing to undergo treatment will only worsen the situation, whereas taking action now is the way to start getting your oral health back on track. Our experienced hygienists will give your teeth a thorough clean, removing any built up plaque that could otherwise lead to periodontitis, an advanced stage of gum disease which can cause tooth loss. Damaged or badly decayed teeth can be filled using our white teeth fillings, or, where decay or damage is severe, restored using dental crowns.

Where the prognosis of a tooth is very poor, we may recommend extracting it. This can be replaced using the increasingly popular dental implants which are becoming a firm favourite with some of our patients.

Whether you are young and want to ensure healthy teeth in later life, or, if you have already reached that stage in life and are unhappy with the state of your oral health, our team at Blue Sky Dental are always happy to see you.

Simply call our Chelmsford dentists on 01245 807186 to arrange an appointment.

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