Ask The Dentist – Oral Hygiene

Ask The Dentist – Oral Hygiene

A patient asks about maintaining a clean and healthy mouth.

Today, we start a new series of blog posts where we take a look at questions received from patients.

Some questions are relevant only to a specific person, but the ones that we hope to cover here will, we believe, be of relevance for many of our Chelmsford dental patients.

We thought that we would start with this particular question as it is one which we hear quite often from patients, new and existing. Of course, we will anonymise any personal aspects to maintain confidentiality.

Q. Ever since I was young enough to brush my own teeth, I have done so, rarely skipping it. I have also flossed on a regular basis since my mid teens and, thankfully, have had few dental problems, probably because of this. Now though, my dentist has recommended that I see the hygienist to have my teeth professionally cleaned. Why would I need to do this and should I be concerned about my oral health?

Firstly, congratulations on what seems like a very good oral health regimen. The teenage years are when many are less diligent in this area and fillings and even extractions are not uncommon. You don’t say whether you have been attending for regular checks, but it seems likely that you have been, given the care you have obviously taken with brushing and flossing. So to miss out on professional care at our Chelmsford dentist would simply not make sense.

Regarding your forthcoming visit to the hygienist. Firstly, you should not take this as a sign of alarm or as a criticism of how you have cared for your teeth; we can see that you obviously have.

Even the best brushing and flossing in the world will not be able to remove all dental problems. A major oral health issue is gum disease, the presence of which is heightened by gingival bacteria that become attached to the teeth and gum line. These bacteria find their way into the tiniest of places that even a brush and floss can’t reach.

As our experienced hygienists are able to thoroughly examine your teeth and gums, they will be able to detect any signs of bacterial deposits known as tartar, and remove these using a process known as a scale and polish. This simply scrapes away the hardened tartar, helping to prevent the onset of gingivitis.

Once this has been done, the teeth are then cleaned using a high speed brush which removes any remaining deposits and will leave your mouth feeling much healthier and cleaner.

Given your good care of your teeth, it is unlikely that there will be any discomfort and you should think of it as an insurance policy against gum problems with the additional bonus of a mouth that feels extra clean and healthy.

If you have any concerns that we have not addressed, please feel free to call us at our Chelmsford dental practice on 01245 211070.

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