Making Your Dental Visit In Chelmsford A Positive Experience

Making Your Dental Visit In Chelmsford A Positive Experience

Helping you to get the best out of your visit to Blue Sky Dental.

Right from the early days of our Chelmsford dental clinic, we have strongly believed in creating the most positive environment for our patients. Whilst having a modern, well-equipped practice, with experienced and highly qualified dentists is our prime concern, we also believe that it is important that we don’t let the ‘little things’ slip in doing so.

We understand that some people don’t look forward to seeing a dentist, with a few positively dreading it. To help with this, and to encourage patients to keep up regular visits to have their oral health checked, we believe it is important to make sure that the environment and service provided by us is first rate, calm and relaxing.

A welcoming smile

We often say that your smile is important to us, and it is. Just as important though, we feel, is the smile that you are greeted with by our reception team. This is most patient’s first point of contact when they come through our front door and we want to make sure that this is a positive experience. All of our reception team are fully trained and made aware of issues such as patient anxiety and how to help as much as they can, within their role.

From a practical viewpoint, we also know how important it is when you bring children to our practice, to process your appointment as quickly as possible so that you can go back to reassuring them. To this end, we have a very efficient system of registering incoming patients which avoids you having to spend too much time filling in forms etc.

We think that you will also find our waiting rooms to be comfortable and welcoming, with facilities such as a TV, magazines and toys for children to distract them. We are always happy to receive feedback on how we can improve this part of the experience for you.

Treatment rooms

When you are called through to see the dentist, that is when most nervous patients notice their anxiety starting to rise. We are aware that this part of the visit can feel quite unpleasant for some patients and we do all that we can to help you feel more at ease.

You will notice that our treatment rooms are very clean, and we put a lot of emphasis on this aspect, both with the rooms and the equipment used in order to minimise any risk of cross infection. The dental chair too is relaxing and you will notice that any actual information on our walls is kept to the minimum (other than legally required certifications etc), and instead, relaxing imagery is used to help a little in putting you at ease.

Your friendly team

To most patients, what matters most is the way that they are treated by the dentist. Even a practice that is not as well organised and has only a basic waiting room will thrive if patients like and trust the dentists there. We hope that we have managed to achieve all of these aims. Our team has a wide range of experience and treatment knowledge that should be able to help with most problems that we come across. Where we need to add new staff to our team and where this will benefit our patients, we will. All current and future staff undergo regular training, not only with regards to actual treatments but also to patient care too.

A relaxed dentist often leads to a more relaxed patient and we are always happy to allow you to settle into the chair and feel comfortable before we start any examination or procedure. Our dentists will not judge you if you have not looked after your teeth, but will make recommendations as to how to get back on track, in addition to providing any treatment needed. They will be polite and friendly throughout your treatment.

From a practical point of view, we know that, despite powerful local anaesthetics, there may be moments during a procedure where you feel uncomfortable. This may be because you feel the need to swallow, or perhaps cough. We encourage you to raise your hand (the opposite one to the side the dentist is sitting to avoid interfering with the treatment) if you experience this, and the dentist will stop for a moment to allow you to compose yourself again.

Where a treatment has been carried out, such as dental implant placements, we will make sure that you leave our Chelmsford practice with all the information that you need to look after the treated tooth. If you lose the information, or are not sure about anything, we are always here to help you. Just call our receptionists who will either offer advice if appropriate, or may ask a dentist to call you if the required advice is more involved.

We always hope that patients feel they get the best experience possible at our practice and that they are treated well. Feedback from patients of Blue Sky Dental is important to us and we are happy to look at ways that we can improve our practice on an ongoing basis.

If you live in the Chelmsford area of Essex and would like to see what our dental practice has to offer for you, why not arrange an appointment to see one of our dentists for an initial consultation and come and see for yourself? You can call us to arrange this on 01245 211070.

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