Coronavirus Lockdown – Now And Looking Ahead

Keeping teeth healthy now and in future

Woman brushing teethWe now know what many of us have expected for a little while; that the current ‘lockdown’ situation is to be extended for at least another 3 weeks. What happens after that will depend on trends and the general direction of the virus. It does still mean though that your Chelmsford dental practice remains closed until further notice and only urgent emergency dental advice can be given out by most UK dentists at this time.

We encourage patients, in this difficult time, to make sure that they look after their teeth as well as they can. A lost filling or a minor toothache can’t easily be treated at present, but if it occurs, it will make things even more difficult than they already are.

In today’s blog, we offer some suggestions for keeping your teeth healthy as well as taking a look towards the future when we are able to open again. Currently, we do not know when that might be, but rest assured, we will keep you advised as the situation changes.

Some basic oral healthcare tips

Regular brushing should be carried out. If your routine has changed because you are no longer going to work or college, try to find a new regular time slot for your morning brushing so that you don’t let it slip. Brush well, for 2 minutes using a fluoride toothpaste. Make sure to angle the brush so that it reaches beneath the gum line and clears away food debris and bacteria. Also please make sure your bristles aren’t worn as well and if they are, change the brush or head.

Add flossing to your routine if you don’t already do this. It is a great way to remove food and bacteria that a toothbrush finds difficult to reach. There are many instructional videos available online so use this time wisely and try to improve the way that you care for your teeth and gums.

Avoid eating too much sugar. We might be tempted to eat more chocolate, sweets and cake if we are feeling anxious about staying in all of the time. Sugar is known to cause tooth decay though and avoiding a toothache at this time, as far as possible, is very wise.

Coming out of the lockdown restrictions

Some of this may be a little speculative as we don’t know when Blue Sky Dental will be able to open again or what procedures we will be able to carry out initially. At some point though, whether after the introduction of a vaccine or another reason, the Coronavirus crisis will, effectively, be over. Life may change a little, or it may not, we simply don’t know, but we do know that many of our patients will be pleased to see us open again. A priority must be to treat cases that are causing pain and discomfort of course. There will be quite a few routine fillings carried out we would expect, and those that are in the middle of an ongoing treatment such as corrective dental braces, will also need to see us to make any adjustments that are needed.

Whilst many people will unfortunately suffer financially during the lockdown period, there may be some who remain on full salary and unable to spend it at restaurants etc as they normally would. Any savings made could provide a great opportunity to have that cosmetic dental treatment that you have always wanted. With the additional time that many of us currently have, why not take a look at our website to find out what we can offer?

For those who usually have ongoing facial aesthetic treatments to maintain a smoother looking skin, you will probably wish to make an appointment with our facial team to ease any wrinkles that may have appeared whilst you were unable to receive your treatment.

It may, to some, seem a bit ‘doom and gloom’ at the moment, and there is no denying the tragedies that are occurring. It is important though to ‘keep your eye on the prize’ and realise that there will be an end to this and whilst some things may well change, much will probably remain more or less as it was.

For the time being, we urge our patients to look after their teeth well, but also to remember that you can still call us in the case of a dental emergency. You will then be triaged and, depending on the situation, may be referred for urgent emergency dental treatment. This may not apply to minor toothache or loose fillings, but a knocked out tooth or facial swellings are likely to fall into this category.

When this is all over, there will be many opportunities to refresh your smile using cosmetic dentistry. Why not use this time to do a little research by looking at the information supplied on our website?

In the meantime, please stay safe and look after yourselves (and your teeth of course), and should an urgent dental emergency arise, please don’t hesitate to call our Chelmsford  practice on 01245 211070.

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