No Need to Fear, the Dentist is here.

The Dentist – Not so scary any more.

Everyone has something they fear, whether it be fear of the dark, of clowns or even of heights.  For some that fear is of the dentist.

Usually that fear is due to a bad experience had as a child but its important to remember that times change, materials improve and equipment excel.  Dentistry is constantly improving.  Regular research and tests into materials and equipment mean they are far more superior as to what they was 5 years ago.

It is important to remember that by not seeing the dentist for regular examination appointments you could potentially need lengthy and even costly treatments in the future, so no matter how nervous you are its best to remember – prevention is better than cure.

Having said that we know how nervous some patients can be with some even being terrified.  There are relaxation techniques you can use to make your visit more bearable and even sedation for patients needing treatment.


There are techniques that can be used to help relax the body and mind.  When we are nervous our body produces chemicals which causes anxiety.  By concentrating on something else we can relax our mind.  Breathing techniques are especially good, as is meditation and yoga.

These techniques are only suitable on patients who are slightly anxious.


Sedation is a great option for really nervous patients.  Sedation can be either oral or intravenous.

Oral Sedation – This can be in the form of tablet or liquid.  It is usually taken the night before treatment, the morning before treatment and then again one hour before treatment.  More can be given if necessary.

Intravenous Sedation – This is given by injection in the back of the hand or in the arm.

The purpose of both of these is to make you feel extremely sleepy and relaxed.  They both have an amnesiac effect so you will not remember anything about the treatment.

Whichever sedation you choose you will need an escort with you as you will be unable to drive, look after small children or sign any important documents for 24 hours after treatment.

Relative Analgesia

Also known as inhalation sedation, a mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide is inhaled through a nose piece.  This makes you drowsy and more relaxed during treatment.  This form of sedation is often the cause of the fear felt by many patients.  This was constantly used during treatment with children and is now mainly used in Sedation Clinics.

Call your dental practice for more information about sedation.  Always inform the practice you are visiting that you are nervous.  Some practices specialise in nervous patients and know exactly how to relax you the moment you walk in.

All the dentists at Blue Sky Dental are specialists in their own field.  We like to provide the best to our patients in terms of treatment and equipment.  Call us to make an appointment today 01245 211070 or visit




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