Mouth Cancer – Know the Facts!

Types of Mouth Cancer

Mouth Cancer is the 16th most common cancer in the UK. In fact 18 people are diagnosed everyday with Mouth Cancer but by knowing the facts you could reduce the risk of developing cancer.

The most common type of mouth cancer are cancer of the tongue and oral cavity.  Lip, neck and other mouth cancers follow closely.

Men are more likely to develop mouth cancer than women, with 1 man in every 84 men being at risk compared to 1 woman in every 160 women.

The Main Factors

Smoking – latest figures show that two thirds of mouth cancer cases are related to those who smoke tobacco.  In fact having just one cigarette a day doubles your risk of mouth cancer.

Passive Smoking – even just breathing in cigarette smoke increases the risk.

Smoking and alcohol - by smoking and drinking to excess increases the risk by 30 times!

Smoking and alcohol – by smoking and drinking to excess increases the risk by 30 times!

Chewing tobacco – increases the risk by 15 times!

Alcohol – drinking to excess is linked to a third of mouth cancer cases.

Solar Rays – sun rays have been linked to cancer of the lip.

Unfortunately you are 16 times more likely to develop cancer if you have already been diagnosed with another type of cancer.  If there is a history of mouth cancer in the family then you are 70 times more likely to develop the disease than those who don’t have a history.

Mouth Cancer is responsible for over 2000 deaths per year in the UK and in fact there are more deaths due to mouth cancer than there are due to road traffic accidents!


Early detection of mouth cancer is vital for successful treatment.  Regular appointments with your dentist will allow any regularities to be spotted early.  No one knows your mouth better than you, if you notice anything different in your mouth that doesn’t go away or get better within a week or two it is important you book a dental appointment as soon as possible!

Spotting things early will increase the chance of survival by 90%.  However if you fail to seek diagnosis from your dentist your chance of survival drops to just 50%.

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