Looking good for the party season!

Facial Rejuvenation

Blue Sky Dental can help you look good and feel good this fast approaching party season! Having minimal and quick procedures can hugely improve your appearance, providing a big boost to your confidence too.  So what can we do?

Botox and Fillers

Why not have those lines erased and those creases smoothed by having Botox and Fillers.

Botox, one of the most well known cosmetic treatments, can be used to temporarily paralyse the small facial muscles on your forehead, in between your eyes and the area around your eyes next to your temple.  This stops the lines and wrinkles appearing when we smile, laugh and frown.  The treatment is pretty much painless and takes less than 10 minutes to do.  You can expect to see results in about 7-10 days.   We do ask you to return to the practice after this time to check the areas treated and if necessary we can ‘top up’ any areas needed.  Results last on average about 3 months although this does differ person to person.  Some people manage to get 4-5 months out of the treatment.  Botox is also fantastic for those who suffer from migraines.  So much so that it is now available on the NHS (although certain protocol is needed for you to be eligible for treatment).

Dermal fillers are used to treat, eliminate and improve a variety of facial features including:

  • defining the lip line
  • plumping the lips
  • giving more definition to the cheeks
  • smoothing the lines around the lips
  • smoothing the lines between the nose and the corners of the lips
  • improving the appearance of scars

Although treatment is fairly quick and results instant, treatment can be a little uncomfortable.  Certain fillers we use have an added anaesthetic which gradually numbs the area as treatment is carried out.  Depending on the areas being treated it may be possible to use a dental anaesthetic to numb the area prior to treatment.  Although the results are instant you may experience a little swelling and bruising afterwards so the full effect is not apparent for a few days.  Results last about a year but for some 18 months isn’t unusual. 

Is it safe?

Botox and fillers have been used for years and research and improvements are constantly being carried out to the products. They are completely safe and contain more natural products than what they did years ago.

If this is a treatment you are considering always have the treatment carried out by a qualified professional using licensed products.  Any procedure that involves having products injected into your body should be carried out correctly and safely.

Visit Blue Sky Dental for professional advice regarding this treatment.  You can be assured that the dentist carrying out the procedure is a safe and reputable practitioner! Call us today 01245 211070.  Remember, you need to have this treatment about 2 weeks before your party to get the full effect!

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