Making The Most Of Your Dental Veneers

Making The Most Of Your Dental Veneers

Your new smile can last longer, with just a little care and attention.

Dental veneers, as some of you will be familiar with, are an excellent way of restoring heavily stained or lightly damaged teeth to natural looking white ones. Attached to the front prepared surface of the teeth, they should last for ten years or so, giving you an attractive and confident smile.

As they are made from porcelain, the dental veneers supplied by our Chelmsford dentists at Blue Sky should give you a trouble free life, looking and feeling entirely natural.

Veneer aftercare

Despite being made from an artificial material, this does not mean that things will not go wrong if you neglect your new veneers. To ensure that they last a long time and remain looking great, here are a few simple pieces of advice to help you to maintain them as follows:

  • Clean your teeth – Yes, even though they are made from porcelain, veneers should be brushed as usual. Whilst largely non porous, surface staining may accumulate over a period of time if not cleaned away. More importantly, the rest of the tooth that your veneer is attached to is natural and is as vulnerable to tooth decay as any tooth. If the natural part of your teeth suffers damage, your veneer may not fit as well and may even have to be replaced if the changes to the natural tooth are significant enough.
  • Don’t skip the floss – Related to the above, many problems originate in the spaces between the teeth. Make sure that you use dental floss and also see the hygienist at our Chelmsford practice to make sure that your gums remain healthy.
  • Be careful when eating hard foods such as seeds or very cold chocolate from the fridge. Where practical, rather than biting pieces off with the front teeth, break them with your fingers.
  • NEVER attempt to open bottles with your front teeth. This applies to those both with and without veneers. You are asking for trouble if you do this. Try to avoid using your front teeth to open packets too.
  • If you play a contact sport, there is a risk that a blow could weaken the cement bonding of the veneer. This and a general risk to your teeth means that it is worth asking your dentist about a mouth guard.
  • Biting fingernails is a bad habit and one which may cause the veneers to become detached. Try to avoid doing this, but, if your veneers do become detached, please contact our Chelmsford dental practice to have them re-fitted. Please do not attempt to do this yourself.

It should also go without saying that maintaining your dental appointments is an essential part of good oral health care. Our friendly team at Blue Sky Dental are here to help you have both healthy and great looking teeth throughout your life and we can be contacted on 01245 211070 if you wish to make an appointment.

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