Are You Tired Of The Inconvenience Of Wearing Dentures?

Are You Tired Of The Inconvenience Of Wearing Dentures?

Some denture wearers never really get fully used to this tooth replacement method.

Although they are currently the most widely used system for replacing missing teeth, few denture wearers would probably claim to be entirely happy with them. They do serve a purpose of course, and with some adjustment to your diet, eating can be a reasonably satisfactory experience. Modern dentures also look a lot better than their predecessors. Finally, they are an acceptable compromise for patients who suffer badly with dental phobia as they usually don’t require any invasive surgery to be carried out.

While some people find dentures to be a moderately happy compromise, there are many more wearers who are more than a little dissatisfied with them. It can certainly be a frustrating experience,  having to choose your food from a menu based on what your teeth can handle, rather than what you really want to eat at that particular time. Dentures can also have a tendency to move around in the mouth, causing potential embarrassment as well as possible soreness of the gums from the friction caused by their movement. Finally, dentures can be fiddly to clean and have to be removed from the mouth when doing so.

What are the alternatives?

If you are looking for an alternative tooth replacement method at Blue Sky Dental, this will require some additional dental treatment. If you are a nervous patient and this puts you off, please talk to us before ruling anything out. We can discuss ways that we can help you have the treatment in a more relaxed manner so that we can provide a better solution for your missing teeth.

Let’s take a look at the other options.

Dental implants

Dental implants can be placed either individually, a few consecutively or even a full arch. The essence of an implant procedure is that an implant is placed into small holes that are drilled in the bone of the jaw; in effect replacing the missing tooth root. These are allowed to remain for a period of time, usually around three months so that they can fuse together with the bone, before a crown is attached to the artificial root. In the case of full arch implants, a bridge of fixed teeth can often be placed immediately after placement and can be used almost straight away without the three month wait. This is due to specially placed implants towards the rear of the mouth.

Teeth implants are long lasting, strong and stable and can be cleaned in the mouth in the same way that natural teeth can.

Dental bridge

Although not one of the most popular tooth replacement solutions, some of our Chelmsford patients do opt for a dental bridge, where this can be used. In order to fit a bridge, there have to be functional teeth on either side of the gap. These have to be ‘prepared’ by shaping them so that the bridge can be placed. The bridge consists of artificial teeth to replace the missing ones, as well as ceramic or porcelain dental crowns at either end. These are used to secure the bridge in place by fitting them securely, with a dental adhesive, to the prepared teeth.

A bridge provides a good level of stability, enabling you to eat most of the things you might want to. They are also cleaned in the mouth but special care does need to be taken to clean underneath the bridge to help prevent gum disease. One of the main deterrents for some people is the preparation of otherwise healthy teeth in order for the crowns to be attached.

Stabilised dentures

Finally, an option that many of our Chelmsford patients might not be aware of; the possibility to wear dentures but to have them stabilised using dental implants. This usually requires four or six implants to be strategically placed and dentures can be attached to these.

Here at Blue Sky Dental we strongly believe that dental implants offer the best experience for many people, but they do cost more and require some minor surgery. We can help you to spread the cost of payment for this treatment through the payment plans that we offer, and it is worth remembering that although some minor surgery is required, this is a one-off procedure that delivers excellent teeth replacement for many years.

If you currently wear dentures and would like to discuss your options with us, please call Blue Sky Dental to book an appointment with one of our dentists. You can call us during normal working hours on 01245 211070.

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