Dental Implants and Gum Disease

Dental Implants and Gum Disease

The aftercare of dental implants may determine their longevity.

At Blue Sky Dental, we ensure that our dental implant patients not only leave the practice once treatment is completed with strong and effective dental implants, but are also armed with the information that they need to keep them in good health. The fact is that, whilst our skilled implant dentists can ensure that the implant is of top quality and is placed correctly into the jaw of the patient; much of its survival then depends on the patient following the guidance given to them.

Gum disease

Whilst early aftercare includes avoiding harder foods until the implant has become well established in the bone, one of the biggest potential dangers for a dental implant is gum disease. Unfortunately, some patients feel that, because a dental implant is an artificial structure, and cannot therefore deteriorate, it does not need to be cleaned as well as the remaining natural teeth.

Whilst this is true of the implant itself, it ignores the fact that poor oral health care is as likely to result in gum disease problems as it is in dental decay, and it is the risk of gum disease that our Chelmsford dental implant patients need to be aware of. The fact is that gum disease is very common, although the degree of it varies, and early stage gum disease is quite easily reversed with a little extra care. Prevention though, is key here and any early signs of gum disease such as redness or soreness of the gums, and especially if there is any bleeding, should be treated immediately.


The real threat to dental implants comes at a later stage of gum disease, known as periodontitis. At this stage, it is not simply the gums which are attacked by the gingival bacteria, but the bone too. Eventually, the bacteria will cause bone loss in the jaw and this can result in the root of a tooth becoming loose due to lack of bone to hold it in place. Unfortunately this can result in tooth loss. With a dental implant depending on good bone density and quality to hold it securely in place, it is not difficult to understand how gum disease can be a real and serious threat to a patient’s implants. Even if the implant has been in place for a long time, it is still potentially vulnerable to gum disease.

Professional care

Whilst we always put the emphasis on gum disease prevention, any patient suspecting it should make sure that one of our dentists at Blue Sky Dental examines your gums professionally. Where gum disease is detected, either a scale and polish, or a deep clean may be used to remove the plaque and help to put your tooth or dental implant back on the road to full health, before it is too late.

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