Protecting Beautiful Teeth In Chelmsford

Protecting Beautiful Teeth In Chelmsford

If you are happy with your teeth, how can you keep it that way?

Apart from those coming for their regular six monthly check at Blue Sky Dental, we mostly see patients who either have a problem with their teeth or are unhappy with the way that they look. From time to time though, we do see patients at our Chelmsford dental practice who are perfectly happy with their teeth.

Even the most attractive teeth though can lose this appearance if things start to go wrong. In today’s blog, we offer some advice to these patients, to help them keep their teeth nice looking for as long as possible.


The most important thing is to look after your teeth. However aesthetically pleasing they may be at this moment, they are as vulnerable to common dental problems, such as decay or gum disease, as any other teeth. Although damaged teeth can usually be restored aesthetically, your natural teeth are preferable, so it pays to look after them well!


We strongly advise our patients not to smoke. As well as staining your teeth heavily, it also increases the likelihood of gum disease problems and may even lead to oral cancers. It is not unknown for smokers to brush their teeth harder than normal in order to remove any tar that has stuck to them. Unfortunately, this can also lead to damaged enamel which not only takes away the shine from your teeth, but makes them more vulnerable to sensitivity and infections.

Dental care

However attractive your teeth are, you still need to have them examined regularly to keep them that way. Leaving too long between appointments can mean more fillings, so we generally recommend that patients visit our Chelmsford practice every six months, although we may increase this in certain situations. Regular professional cleaning by our dental hygienist is also important to avoid gum problems.


Even if you live a healthy life, abstain from drinking and smoking, whilst also taking good care of your teeth, unfortunately your teeth will eventually lose their sparkle. This is an inevitable part of growing older unfortunately. Unlike some types of staining, this type of tooth discolouration takes place within the tooth and cannot be improved by better brushing alone. The good news for those who wish to keep their teeth looking great for as long as possible, is that a customised home teeth whitening treatment is available for patients in this situation. Within a short time, your teeth will have regained their sparkle and whiteness. This procedure can be repeated as needed and is perfectly safe under the guidance of our experienced cosmetic dentists.

If your teeth already look great, make sure to keep them that way by having them checked at Blue Sky Dental. You can call our Chelmsford practice on 01245 211070.

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