Teenagers and Their Teeth

Teenagers and Their Teeth

Helping our children to have good oral health in their teenage years.

The teenage years, as most Chelmsford parents will agree, can be a difficult time. It is a time when our children start to exert their own individuality and new found freedoms, often in ways that we may not especially like. Of course, not all teenagers are like this but it is fair to say that a good number are.

Because there are many other concerns when a teenager is growing up, it is all too easy to forget about their oral health, but this is something that could cause problems for them in later life.


It is not unnatural, that in the teenage years, our children will develop their own tastes, less constrained by what their parents put on their plates. Often having some financial freedom, easy access to foods high in sugar content can lead to dental decay and other problems. Added to this, the fact that some teenagers find it hard to get motivated, perhaps due to hormonal changes, cleaning and brushing of the teeth may get neglected.

All of these can result in serious damage to the teeth, and perhaps result in the need for invasive treatment by one of our Chelmsford dentists to save or restore them.

Parental responsibilities

Unlike with a very small child, getting a teenager to do something can be very difficult indeed. This includes ensuring that they visit a dentist on a regular basis. Sometimes though, we have to take charge for the good of our child. They may not thank us for it at the time, but surely will do in later life.

Whether this means ‘bribing’ them with something if they attend Blue Sky Dental Practice for their check ups, or threats of withdrawal of pocket money if they don’t, we would strongly encourage parents to do all that they can to get their teenage children to us. Hopefully this means that any dental work needed would be relatively minor. Also, whilst teenagers often do not listen to their parents, they are more inclined to listen to other adults as they look for advice to guide them into adulthood.

Professional advice

Our Chelmsford dental team have a special role here and can offer advice to teenagers on how to look after their teeth. By showing them the potential future effects that their current lifestyle may have on their teeth, we hope that we can help them to avoid much dental damage. We know that it is difficult, and some of us have been in the same situation, but we would ask parents to do their best in encouraging their children to take care of their teeth and not to ignore this because of other ‘teenage problems’.

To arrange a check up for your child at Blue Sky Dental, please call us on 01245 211070.

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