Bruxism – Causes And Repair

Bruxism – Causes And Repair

Teeth grinding – your Chelmsford dentist discusses this damaging habit.

It is easy to shake our heads in disbelief when we sometimes watch the news on TV. This type of frustration though may go even further and may be causing us to undergo a particularly damaging habit for our teeth. Not only is it damaging, but it is also quite difficult to stop as it often occurs during our sleep. We are talking, of course, about teeth grinding, or bruxism.

It is generally thought that bruxism occurs when we are under stress and whilst we can turn off the TV, there are many other things that may happen in our daily life to cause us stress, whether that occurs in our work or our home lives.


We will discuss the damage and possible dental restorations shortly, but there is little point in attempting to restore damaged teeth whilst the patient is still grinding their teeth. Unfortunately, there is no ‘quick fix’ for this problem and it may take some time to overcome. Some causes of stress may end quite quickly when circumstances naturally change, such as prior to undergoing a medical procedure.

However, some stress inducing problems may be longer lasting and this can have long term consequences for your teeth, and indeed, your general health. There are many books and websites that deal with reducing stress and you may wish to investigate some of these, such as meditation, relaxation, or breathing exercises. Of course, you should also seek professional medical guidance from your doctor.


Once you have overcome your bruxism habit, this is a good time to visit the local dentist at our Chelmsford dental practice, to see how we can restore your teeth. It is possible that there will be worn, chipped and even broken teeth present, and we may use a combination of treatments to restore their functionality.

Small chips may be restored using dental bonding or tooth coloured fillings whereas badly damaged or worn teeth may require more extensive treatment, such as the use of a dental crown. Where teeth have been so badly damaged that they are beyond effective repair, we can discuss the options available to replace them. This is typically a choice between dentures, bridges or dental implants. We will discuss the pros and cons of each of these methods with you, allowing you to make an informed choice for your treatment.

If you have recently managed to stop grinding your teeth, or if you feel that the time has come to do something about the way that your teeth look and feel, why not call Blue Sky Dental of Chelmsford on 01245 211070 to arrange your appointment?

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