The Tooth Fairy Story

The Tooth Fairy Story

Getting your kids enthused about their dental health!

Here at your local Chelmsford dentist we have lots of tricks and approaches to getting children comfortable and even excited about their dental health.

However, much of the work occurs at home, and a strong day-to-day brushing routine established from an early age makes for a happy, healthy smile into adult life.

There are lots of ways to help young children feel positive about their oral health, but today, we want to highlight one very special way, through the story of the tooth fairy. Dr Hiten Pabari, specialist peridontist at Blue Sky Dental, explains how the team achieves this.

This magical character can really be a very handy tool when it comes to getting your child excited about keeping their teeth in good condition. Want to know how? Take a look at these 3 handy tips so you can use the story of the tooth fairy to help your kids care for their smile every day:

1. Start Building The Magic Early On

The story of the tooth fairy should be established early on, so that the child has a certain level of excitement about the first tooth loss and the first visit from the tooth fairy. Watching cartoons and films including the tooth fairy character, is an easy way to get them introduced to the story. You could also reference the tale during tooth brushing times, and when you are helping your child become accustomed to the dentist.

2. Make The First ‘Visit’ Special

When the first tooth falls out, the first tooth fairy visit should be an exciting and positive experience. Take your child to pick out a box or a pouch for their tooth to go in and get them to write a note or draw a picture for the tooth fairy to establish a connection. As well as a treat in exchange for the tooth, they should also receive a note from the tooth fairy telling them to brush and clean their teeth, and also leave a little something to help with tooth care, like some character toothpaste. When they tell you all about what they got in the morning, use the excitement as a platform to establish day-to-day oral care enthusiasm, so the next tooth is healthy and clean for the tooth fairy!

3. Include The Dentist In The Magic

Regular trips to your dentist with your child helps them learn that these visits are a positive part of their smile care. Here at Blue Sky Dental we are totally on board with the tooth fairy story as a way to help children become more invested in keeping their teeth clean. Feel free to let your child know that their favourite dentist and hygienist works with the tooth fairy, and wants to send a good report to them when you go for your next checkup. We are happy to help with the magic, and to help your child feel excited about caring for their teeth and impressing the tooth fairy with how clean and healthy their teeth are!

Blue Sky Dental Is Here To Support The Whole Families Dental Health

Your local Chelmsford dentist is here to help the whole family maintain happy and healthy smiles. Do you need to register or book an appointment? If so then please call our friendly team on 01245211070 and we will be more than happy to book you an appointment at a time to suit you.

Dr Hiten Pabari is lead specialist dentist and owner of Blue Sky Dental.

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