Enlighten Your Life

A Guaranteed Improvement!

Enlighten is the ultimate in teeth whitening systems and is now being offered at Blue Sky Dental! What is the difference compared to other systems?  The results!  The system is so effective that the Enlighten company guarantee results or your money back!

If followed correctly you can expect at least a 16 shade improvement with virtually no sensitivity and best of all the system has a 98% success rate!

The Process

To get the best results you must follow the dentists instructions.  The Ultimate in Teeth Whitening

  1. First we start you with a desensitising serum.  You use this at home in place of your normal toothpaste for 2 weeks. This helps to ensure that you experience hardly any sensitivity during the whitening process. During this time your custom made whitening trays are being made.
  2. Next we supply you with the whitening gels.  The trays are loaded with the gel and worn over night for 2 weeks.
  3. If you are aiming for the ultimate B1 shade we then follow this up with 2 sessions of chairside whitening.
  4. To maintain the colour we recommend you use the Enlighten toothpaste for 2 weeks after.

You are right in thinking that the whole process would take approximately 6 weeks to complete but it is the step by step process that gets the results.

Is is safe?

Obviously the main concern for patients is is the process safe and will it damage their teeth.  A great deal of research and testing has gone into the product to make sure it is safe to use.  All the ingredients have been used in dentistry for years and have been thoroughly tried and tested.

How does it work?

Its the active ingredient in the gel that penetrates the tooth’s enamel which then breaks down and erases the staining.  The process is gradual which is why we recommend 2 weeks wearing the trays.

Are the results forever?

You may need to wear the trays maybe one night a month to maintain the colour, it depends on if you eat many high staining foods and drinks.

To see if you are suitable for this system is easy, a quick check up with your dentist is all that is needed.  If you  already have highly sensitive teeth a different system may be recommended.


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