How Strong Are Your Teeth?

How Strong Are Your Teeth?

The use and abuse of our teeth can determine their longevity.

We generally accept that our teeth are strong; that is, until something goes wrong and we have to pay a visit to our local dentist. But why do some people seem to have strong and healthy teeth, whilst others need regular invasive dental treatments to keep theirs in good shape?


We are all different and no two people have the same genetic make up. Our genes affect every aspect of our lives and our teeth are no exception. Some people are fortunate and have strong ‘dental’ genes, whilst others may have teeth that have weaker enamel, for example. Being blessed with strong teeth though, whilst fortunate, does not mean that you will be exempt from dental problems if you neglect your teeth, and we advise that you continue to visit Blue Sky Dental for your regular oral examinations.

Oral care

A factor that will determine much of your oral health is how well you look after it. This does not simply mean your six monthly visit to see one of our Chelmsford dentists, but your day to day care which should include not only efficient brushing of your teeth, but, if you do not already do so, the addition of flossing to your regimen. Any good dentist or dental hygienist will tell you how important this is in the prevention of gum disease as it enables bacteria and food debris to be removed from between the teeth, helping to prevent the onset of gingivitis or periodontitis (gum disease).

Accidents and ‘stupidity’

Our teeth are strong and take a lot of wear and tear on a daily basis, but, however strong and healthy the enamel on our teeth is, there are limits and a blow to the teeth, such as in a sporting accident, can cause breakages or even tooth loss. The chances of this occurring can be reduced by using a mouth guard, especially if the sport is high risk. Of course some sports do not warrant this level of protection albeit accidents can still occur from slips and falls.

Whilst there is little that can be done to prevent some accidents, in the case of a dental emergency, such as  a broken tooth, please call our Chelmsford dental practice as soon as you can so that we can see you quickly and provide the appropriate treatment. Whilst there may be little we can do about accidents, we can avoid those acts of bravado which put our teeth at risk.

Even if you are blessed with the strongest of teeth, opening beer bottles or cracking nuts with your teeth are almost certainly going to make you regret that split second when you hear the sound of your tooth breaking. Our professional dental advice is … simply don’t do it!

To keep your teeth healthy or for treatment for a broken tooth, call Blue Sky Dental on 01245 211070.

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