Misconceptions about Mouthwash

Misconceptions about Mouthwash

Dispelling some commonly held beliefs about the use of Mouthwash.

Although our patients at Blue Sky Dental are regularly reminded of the fact that brushing and flossing and professional checks are the only sure way to keep your mouth healthy; we often find that we are up against products that advertise themselves as being effective and, perhaps more importantly, convenient. In our time deprived lives, it is logical and tempting that we should look for a short cut where one is available. Unfortunately, these shortcuts can also lead to longer term problems as many of these products are not always effective.

In regards to oral health, mouthwash, whilst being a useful supplement, is often misunderstood and used instead of proper oral health care.

Myths about mouthwash

1.  It doesn’t matter which one – Most people probably buy the mouthwash that they do because it has been advertised on TV. If you are intending to use a mouthwash, it is better to ask your dentist to recommend one for you.

Some mouthwashes are little more than cosmetic and aim to sweeten the breath. Whilst they may also help a little to remove food particles from between the mouth, they are generally ineffective at keeping your mouth and gums in a healthy state.

2.  They cure bad breath – Not true; most mouthwashes will only mask bad breath, especially the cosmetic ones. Bad breath can emanate from the lungs, especially if you smoke, or, very often, is caused by advanced gum disease.

Whilst a medical mouthwash may help this to a small degree, only treatment and advice by one of our experienced Chelmsford dentists will be truly effective.

3.  They save time – Yes, they do if all you do is a quick swirl around the mouth and a spit.

If this is the extent of your oral health care though, we can expect to see you at our dental practice, perhaps in the not too distant future, and probably in some discomfort.

Mouthwash is, in no way, a replacement for proper oral health care although, if the correct one is used, it can be a useful supplement. Quickly swilling and spitting, with no other oral care is highly unlikely to be effective in preventing either tooth decay or gum disease. At Blue Sky Dental in Chelmsford, Essex we are happy to discuss your oral health care with you, should you have any questions. We also strongly recommend that you have a twice yearly appointment with us so that your oral health can be monitored, and treated where necessary.

To arrange a check up, or to talk to us about our recommended mouthwashes, please call us at our Chelmsford dental practice on 01245 211070 and speak to one of our friendly receptionists.

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