What To Do With A Niggling Toothache

What To Do With A Niggling Toothache

Should you ignore it, or is it a warning sign?

Most of us, including those with a fear of visiting the dentist, would recognise the need to ring for help as soon as possible when a raging toothache strikes. When this happens, despite the fact that the pain is located in a small area, it seems to take over our entire being.

When a toothache is minor though, that decision may not be quite so obvious, and our Blue Sky Dental team discuss what you should do should this situation arise.

Sudden pain

If the toothache, however mild, comes on suddenly, there is a reasonable chance that it has been caused by a crack or minor breakage of the tooth. If this is the case, then you shouldn’t delay booking an appointment at our Chelmsford dental practice. If the tooth is cracked or broken, the softer part of the tooth will have become exposed, allowing access to bacteria which will enter and lead to tooth decay. Fast action at this point may mean a simple procedure, such as a filling, that will resolve this problem.

Delaying your appointment may lead to the tooth being further compromised and may lead to more invasive procedures being necessary.

Slow builders

The more difficult toothache though is that which barely starts off as a toothache at all, but a slightly unpleasant, perhaps mildly throbbing sensation near the tooth. When this occurs, we may feel reluctant to contact the dentist straight away. Whilst a genuine dental problem is still highly likely, slight discomfort such as this can also be caused by slight trauma to the gums or even a small piece of food that has become uncomfortably lodged in them.

In all likelihood though, you may have a small degree of dental decay and there really is no point in putting off having it examined.

If there is no decay and it is simply mild trauma, then at least you will have had your mind put at rest. If there is decay present however, then our Chelmsford dentist will be able to remove it and fill the tooth with one of our white dental fillings to help it keep a natural appearance.

Don’t ignore

Ignoring the latter type of toothache in the hope that it will go away is not a healthy strategy. Taking this approach is likely to mean that the situation will become more extensive, resulting in a larger filling that will weaken the tooth or may even require more invasive treatment such as a dental crown fitted. Any toothache, however mild, should be taken as a warning sign, and an appointment at Blue Sky Dental made as soon as possible so that we can diagnose its cause.

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