Dentistry – not just about teeth!

Treating all mouth conditions!

Think of Dentists and you think teeth, but that’s not all we are here for. Anything regarding your mouth we can help you. During an examination we not only check your teeth but your tongue, soft tissues, gums, lips and throat. We offer advice and treat where necessary

One problem for many people is cold sores, a mouth condition that can be somewhat painful!

A cold sore is small blister that forms on your lips or the surrounding areas, such as your nose and nostrils.  The blister is filled with fluid and can be dry and crusty.  Cold sores usually linger for about 5 days and unfortunately once you have had them, they will keep coming back!

Cold sores are caused by a virus called Herpes Simplex.  You usually get cold sores when you are run down, under stress or feeling ill.  Other factors can bring on cold sores such as sunlight.  Like all viruses cold sores are infectious.  If you have cold sores its best not to come into close contact with someone i.e kissing, as it can easily be passed on.  Also try to avoid touching the sore as again it can be easily passed on through hands too. It can also be spread to other areas on your face so avoid picking the cold sore.

Unfortunately you cannot avoid getting one once you have had the virus.  There is no telling when and where they will develop but you can be prepared by having the right treatment ready.

Antiviral creams are in handy little tubes that you can keep in your bag, ready for outbreaks!  These creams will ease the pain and help the sore heal more easily.  These creams work better if used from the first signs of a cold sore and are applied regularly.  Speak to your pharmacist about the antiviral creams available over the counter.  Alternatively your dentist or doctor can prescribe a cream for you such as Penciclovir.

If you are due for treatment at your dentists and are having an outbreak of cold sores its best you contact your dentist prior to treatment.  You will find most dentists will prefer to defer treatment until the cold sores have gone due to the possibility of making them worse.  Opening and moving your mouth around during treatment is unavoidable and may make your cold sores bleed and crack.

REMEMBER cold sores are a virus so they can be spread.  Avoid touching them as they are easily spread to the rest of the body including fingers, eyes and places you really do not want cold sores!

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