An Open Letter To Teenagers From A Chelmsford Dentist

An Open Letter To Teenagers From A Chelmsford Dentist

Responsibility grows as we become older;  taking care of your teeth is an important aspect of this!

Teenagers, the world over, revel in the additional freedom that they gain at this time of their lives.

There are many exciting things to be discovered; some good, and some bad. With this excitement though, comes responsibility. You will find that you are expected to do things, such as brush your teeth, without being reminded. Sadly, this does not always happen and the consequences then soon become clear.

In today’s blog, our Blue Sky Dental team take a look at issues surrounding dental care that may especially (although not necessarily exclusively), affect teenagers.

Brush your teeth

We may as well get this one out of the way before we start. It doesn’t matter what age you are, you still need to clean your teeth well. Use a toothbrush that is no older than three months. Use a fluoride toothpaste. Use dental floss. See a dentist and hygienist every six months and you will have made a good start to taking responsibility for your own oral health.

Cigarettes and alcohol

Although probably less the traditional late teenage vices that they once were, many teenagers will, unfortunately, experiment with cigarettes and alcohol. Aside from any general health concerns, these are both very bad for your teeth and gums. Smoking especially increases the risk of both periodontitis and oral cancer. Drinking excessively also contributes significantly to these problems.

Oral piercings

Many teenagers have facial piercings, with some having their lips and tongue pierced. It is not unusual for us to see patients of this age who have managed to chip, or even break a tooth because of these. Infections are also a risk due to the high level of bacteria in the mouth, especially if you don’t take care to keep it clean. We would advise you to think twice before considering having your lips or tongue pierced.

‘Gap’ bands

Although this seems likely to have been, largely, a passing fad, it is probably worth mentioning. The teenage years are a time when you may start to feel self conscious about your teeth. Crooked teeth especially can really detract from your smile and the use of a system of elastic bands to attempt to correct this became very popular on the internet, especially in the USA. Unfortunately, and unsurprisingly, in most cases, the bands just made the teeth worse. Don’t take this risk, and, if you need to have your teeth straightened, see a dentist.

And whilst we are on the subject of the Internet

Many of you will have heard the term ‘fake news’; well, this applies to health issues too. Whilst there is certainly some very useful information widely available on the internet, there is also a lot of rubbish too. Health scares, DIY dentistry that make things worse, rather than better. It is all there. Don’t risk doing potentially permanent damage to your teeth by taking a DIY approach. The dental profession is here to help you to have healthy and attractive teeth, so please make sure to use it.

If you are a teenager who would like to register at our Chelmsford dentist, why not arrange an initial consultation by calling Blue Sky Dental today on 01245 211070. We’ll be delighted to help.

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