Don’t Let The Party Season Ruin Your Teeth

Don’t Let The Party Season Ruin Your Teeth

A few experienced words from our Chelmsford dental team.

Some of you may already be planning your Christmas parties and looking forward to seeing friends and family again, or perhaps even your works Christmas party with colleagues. Without wishing to spoil the festive fun, here at Blue Sky Dental in Chelmsford, we thought it might be an idea to give you a few things to think about to help you keep your teeth healthy at this time of year.


Smoking has been on a downward trend for several years now, and whilst some younger groups may be experimenting with them, by and large, far fewer people now smoke than did even five years ago. This is good news for your teeth, in addition to any general health benefits you may gain as well. Smoking is a significant contributor to increasing the risk of gum disease, and, as we have mentioned a number of times previously, gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults in the UK.

Because this is a time of year when we relax, and perhaps consume more alcohol than usual, our determinations can easily lapse if we do not take care. Whilst some people may be able to have a cigarette or cigar or two over the Christmas period and then continue on their non smoker ways; for many this is not the case.

For some ex smokers, particularly longer term smokers, once they have had a cigarette, often it’s very hard to stop. With this comes the increased risk of gum disease as well as the general health problems we are all probably aware of.


Alcohol, in excess can also increase the risk of gum disease on its own, but it’s relaxing effects can also weaken our resolve to resist other ‘evils’ such as smoking. Unfortunately, alcohol is also responsible for many accidents, both on the road and at home, which can result in dental injuries or even worse. If you are planning to drink this year, please make sure that you don’t drive or get in the car of someone who has been drinking. If you do, it might not only be your teeth that suffer!

Once the festive season is over; whether you have succumbed to temptation or not, why not start the new year by paying a visit to the hygienist at Blue Sky Dental where we will check your teeth and gums for any signs of gum disease, as well as a thorough clean to get your oral health off to a great start for the new year.

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