Tips For Looking Younger From Our Dentist In Chelmsford

Tips For Looking Younger From Our Dentist In Chelmsford

Making the best of cosmetic dental treatments and facial aesthetics.

Whilst patients will always need to visit a dentist to ensure that their teeth and gums are healthy, and perhaps for treatment to restore damaged teeth, an increasing number now visit their local dental practice in order to look their very best too.

Cosmetic dentistry is now more accessible than ever, and the range of procedures available at Blue Sky Dental means that there is a procedure for almost every situation. It is not just our teeth, however, that contribute to a youthful appearance, but our skin also.


There are certain things which can be done to delay any ageing effects on our teeth and skin. A good oral health regimen and regular professional dental checks will help to keep your teeth looking healthy. Avoiding staining substances such as cigarettes and red wine will also help to keep them whiter for longer. Staying well hydrated too, is good for both teeth and skin. A dry mouth provides the environment that bacteria need for breeding and may lead to gum disease. Dehydrated skin is also more prone to early lines and wrinkles.

Eventually though, most people will start to notice the signs of ageing in their teeth and skin, and this is where your friendly Chelmsford dentists are able to help.

Whiter teeth

The most popular procedure which we provide, and which gives an instant boost to your teeth is our teeth whitening treatment. This can be either done in the surgery by our cosmetic dentist, or can be done at home, using a bespoke kit, for both safety and full effect. There is little doubt that having whiter teeth will make you look younger than having teeth that have become discolored and yellow. It is worth noting here, that the teeth can be whitened to a shade that you are happy with, and does not mean you have to have a brilliant whiteness that some people find unnatural but seems to be the preference of reality TV stars.

Younger skin

The ageing effect on our skin can be addressed by our facial aesthetics team. Many of our patients have been able to find a new lease of life as the wrinkles and lines that were showing were dramatically reduced with just a simple procedure where Botox is injected just beneath the skin. By relaxing the facial muscles, lines and wrinkles are smoothed out, leaving a smoother and younger looking skin. Dermal fillers are also available and these are used to replace the lost collagen in our skin; especially effective in plumping up lips that have thinned with age.

If you would like to help roll back the signs of ageing, why not experience what our Essex dental team can do for you? Please make an appointment with us, by calling 01245 211070, where we can discuss the appropriate solutions for your own individual needs.

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