Dental Decay? Without The Pain?

Dental Decay? Without The Pain?

Why a toothache is not always noticeable when decay strikes.

From time to time patients express surprise when told they they need to have a tooth filled; “but it doesn’t hurt” is often the response. The fact is though, that tooth decay does not necessarily result in instant pain or discomfort but still needs treating nevertheless.

Dental decay occurs when the tooth is attacked by acids and bacteria that eat away at the enamel, eventually attacking the softer dentin layer of the tooth.

When this happens, toothache will eventually follow as the nerves become affected although it may take a little time before this unpleasant symptom appears.

Where a toothache does occur, patients should call Blue Sky Dental in Chelmsford for an appointment, but, providing that you have your teeth and gums checked regularly, hopefully we can treat any incidence of decay before toothache strikes.

Treatment options

Where the level of decay is not too severe, a dental filling is the most likely option to restore the tooth. Whilst many patients do have amalgam fillings, these are a dark colour and highly visible when the restored tooth is revealed, for example when laughing. An increasing number of our Chelmsford patients are, instead, opting to have cosmetic white fillings as an alternative. If a tooth has become very badly infected but has not yet reached the stage where an extraction may be necessary, a dental crown may be used to restore a tooth to full strength and restore its appearance in situations where a filling would not suffice.

For rear teeth that have suffered a lot of decay, inlays or onlays may be used instead of a filling as these offer the additional strength needed where the teeth do a lot of work chewing food.

Regular appointments

It goes without saying that the best way to avoid tooth decay (and possible toothache) is to keep your teeth and gums healthy with regular brushing and inter-dental cleaning.

You should also maintain regular appointments at our Chelmsford dental practice, both so that we can advise you where cleaning needs to be improved, but also to treat any evidence of decay before it progresses. It should be remembered too, that delaying treatment of dental decay in its early stages is highly likely to lead to more extensive (and therefore costly) treatment later on, quite possible accompanied by a very painful toothache.

If you have recently missed a dental appointment at Blue Sky Dental or have not had your teeth and gums checked for a while, please give our Chelmsford dental practice a call today on 01245 211070 and allow us to get you back on track to having a healthy mouth and gums.

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