Cracked your tooth?

Blue Sky Dental talks about why it is important to see your dentist if you have cracked your tooth.

Its quite easy to crack a tooth. A tooth could crack for many reasons including grinding your teeth, chewing or biting on
something hard or some form of trauma to the face.

If you crack your tooth it doesn’t mean that you have to have the tooth removed, but the sooner you see a dentist then the better the outcome for your tooth.

Teeth can crack in different ways including:

  • a cracked cusp – the cusp is the sharp, pointed part on the biting surface of a tooth.  You may experience pain with this when biting down.
  • craze lines – these are faint, small cracks that can appear on the enamel of the tooth.  These cause no pain and in fact most adults will experience craze lines.
  • cracked tooth – this is when the crack runs down from the crown of the tooth to the roots.  This doesn’t mean that the tooth has split in half, it means that the inner tissue of the tooth has been damaged.
  • a split tooth – this is what happens if a cracked tooth is left untreated.  The tooth splits in half.

How do I know if I have a cracked tooth?

You may not know you have cracked a tooth, it might be a sign that tells you something is wrong such as pain on biting.  Temperatures may also cause pain, especially cold.  Taking paracetamol will help until you can see your dentist.  

Will my tooth have to be removed?

Not necessarily.  It depends on the extent of the crack.  If you fail to see your dentist the nerve in your tooth could die and you may develop an abscess.  Your tooth would then require root canal treatment to save it.  If the tooth actually splits on half then unfortunately there is nothing the dentist can do and extraction is the only option.  There are other treatment available that you can consider to fill the gap left by the tooth.

What are the possible treatments for a cracked tooth?

Again this depends on the extent of the crack.  Possible treatments include using a tooth coloured filling to repair where the tooth has fractured.  Depending on the location of the filling, longevity of the treatment may be difficult to estimate.  for this reason a Porcelain Veneer or Crown may be a better option.  If the cracked area is small, like a small chip in the tooth, simply smoothing and rounding off the chip is enough.

If you are not registered with a Dentist, then please pay us a visit.  We can most definitely help you with any treatment you require or advice you might need.  Call today on 01245 211070.

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